Twinkling Words ⇒ Kirno Sohochari

Life is meaningfully meaningless. It is graceful and equally disgraceful too!

You think life is hard and difficult to play. I’m saying you, it’s not difficult, but we make it difficult to play.

Life is meaningful when you know how to deal it, but is anybody in there who truly know how to deal it?

Once you said, “My duty and responsibilities imprisoned me in a cage.” I firmly touched your finger and assured you, “Don’t be sad. Life is a cage and imprisoned you in a cage makes you the happiest person ever.”

Everybody wants freedom but which we do not know freedom existed nowhere.

Don’t think like that you are imprisoned by someone, instead thinks that your body is a combination of genetic rules and mind follows the human relations patterns we invented by last thousand years journey. You are an actor in the stage of evolution.

Everybody wants freedom but which we do not know freedom existed nowhere.

You desperately needed a tree but in the same extent a tree don’t depend on to you. Your existence or extinction is meaningless to a tree. You are not essential for any creatures in this beautifully beautified planet.

Life is an accident. You do not come here as your own will and delectation. You come here to accomplish other’s desire.

It couldn’t be possible to justify your existence without any word. Language is the beginning of everything you consider as existed in your surface.

“Being” is the momentum when you are getting alive to the existence. Your “Being” in the existence is true and real event, and it’s false or unreal indeed, if you do not able to feel that you’re existed to the life.

Your “Being” is really representing something when you awake from the deep silence and ask your intuitive “Self”, “Tell me, who I am”?

Existence of “Being” could never be valid without “knowing” it. The duty of your existence could validate when you ride on the endless raft and floating like an Unknown “Being” into the steam of “Knowing the Unknown”.

Life is short and transient. Your existence in the surface is a short-lived event for the “Being”. My friend, what do you think about the existence of “Being” and “Knowing about the Being”? Are they volatile and fugitive like you? Your existence and its validity in reality are still swinging on it.

You are the actor of your volatile existence. You are not to live here permanently and not to fleeing from here permanent. You are nimble but not eternal on your lifespan and you are certainly not sweeping out from the span. You are not a goblin and indeed you a goblin when you sweep in void and getting new alteration to the “Being and Knowing”.