The prehistoric night with a Tiger Fish ⇒ Kirno Sohochari

It’s the midsummer night of September. The night is hot and gloomy. Cloudy sky covered the moonlight and gentle breeze forget to propel its wheel. The night is sizzling on a frypan. Peoples are sweating and they looked sadden. I am in the fish market with a dizzy face. The market is packed with prehistoric citizens. They are my fellow neighbors, was born in a prehistoric town and stuck in the fish market with a prehistoric face. 

Prehistoric faces recalled the gray line of memory. We were in the ocean at past and swam there as a fish. The ocean was boiling likely the reckless Tomboy and oozing its energy to create variety. Fishes are primitive as primitive our memory is. They brought the smell of watery past we have left behind and now deposited it to the biologist. The mid-September night is truly biological and a Biologist entered into the fish market by hiding his identity as a fish

The crowd is barking like a dog in a cloudy fish market. This market is now electrified between the conversion of buyers and fish sellers. Their flat utensils displayed the collections. Fishes have varieties in size and shape. Some of them are big and some very little in the size. The poor fishes trapped in Fisherman’s net at the pick moments of swimming in the primitive river. They caught by the Fishermen when they were hitchhiked in the muddy cave of a deep swamp. The cave was primitive in nature where we lived once.

Fish MarketThe fish market is huddled by dead fishes. Big fishes are not in their existence at the moment. Their eternal machinery is unable to oxygenate them. The machinery lost their contact with tons of water and now they are deadly lying on the fish seller’s utensils. Their dead cell differentiates the fate of a human and a fish. Once we were in the primordial ocean and waiting to be born, we had no variation yet. The fate of existence is crosscutting our rules. It is predefined that a clever Fisherman trapped them in a net, and we eat them as our protein suppliers. Their fate designed by the Nutritionist and destined in Biologist’s lab. 


The night is depressing. Humid clouds depressed people and a witty Biologist just entered into the fish market. A tiny microscope is peeping out to his apron. He is busy to examine the dead fishes and his microscope showing the toxic beauty of an expired fish. Some drop of water stuck on his eyes and he started crying like a barking baby, barked on tears to say, “Oh my God! You eat your historic existence only for protein. This is not fair. You forget the truth that fishes are the root of our existence. It is not fair to sell them only for some protein.” The Biologist is crying like a watchmaker. Once he lost the essentials of his watch and failed to recover the tick-sound again.

It proves that biology of existence is changing in time. Everything is fragile like a pottery. The beauty and beast are equally going to dust by changes of time. The fate of Ape and Human are similar when ending bell rings they have to have vanished in the void. Now time is near for the Tiger Fish vanished in men’s stomach forever.


It’s the funny night of mid-September. Peoples are sweating and laughing to see the Biologist. He is now barked like a fish and people are thrilled to hear his witty howl. Their appetite looking stronger and tongue is watery to test the protein of a fresh fish meat. People’s eyes are shining now to see the ice-packed “Hilsa” fishes.

The salty Hilsas were trapped when they begin their journey to the river. The river water seemed magical for them and when the Hilsas are jumped into the river by swimming a thousand miles of sea, their salty body magically changes with the sweet taste. River water cleansing salts to their body and they get a new life. They are now ready for ovulation. River water helps Hilsas to born again. Their skin and flesh are soothing with new taste and beauty, but very soon, it’ll appear a killer to them. The Fishermen will catch them and encash their beauty to the traders. 

The night is sticky and silvery. It’s a Hilsa fest night. The ice packed Hilsa is glittering like an ivory. The motion of fish market now circulating among the icy Hilsas. The Biologist had nothing to do here. Soon he realized that it is a fish market and peoples are coming here for protein. Protein is necessary for life and the Biologist needed this too. He hid his microscope in the pocket and tried to catch the prehistoric smell of people who once lived in water as fish perhaps. 


It’s the fishy and smoky night and smells are coming from the utensils. The humid cloud and the wind filled with the prehistoric smell of dead fishes. People’s appetite is humid too. Their eternity has hungered by this moment for Hilsa and many other fishes. They are hungry to taste Snakehead and Catfishes. Suddenly the wave started to behave in different ways. A giant fish appeared in the market and captured their sight. They pushed and gathered them o the fish. The fish trapped in a Fisherman’s net and just now enter into the market for sale. It was really big and gigantic. They called it “Tiger Fish”. Their appetite changed dramatically to see the giant tiger. 

Water, part two: The fight against the ocean

The night is still fishy and smoky. Strange things are waiting have happened. The giant Tiger Fish is one of them. People are surprised to see the size of the tiger. They started talking with each other, “Oh! What a big shit it is! How he survived in the river-cave such a long day when inflation of protein is high and fishes are not enough to meet people’s hunger! How it could possible for a fish to hide his existence from the sharp eyes of fish profiteers!” 

People’s eyes blinked to see the Mammoth like Tiger Fish. It liked that he was born at the ending moment of the ice age when Mammoth divided his existence into two branches. One branch jumped into the ocean to test his fate as a Whale and another entered in the jungle for eating the Banana tree. It’s a proof that biology of existence is changing in time. Everything is fragile like a pottery. The beauty and beast are equally going to dust by changes of time. The fate of Ape and Human are similar and when ending bell rings they have to have vanished in the void. Now time is near for the Tiger Fish vanished in men’s stomach forever.

Sailing Boat

Mid-September night is cloudy with the rainy comb wool. The cloud is humid and gently carried the smell of corpses in the air. The air is relentless to the giant Tiger Fish. He is dead now. He cleverly obscured in the deep cave of a muddy river for a long day. Thousands Fisherman sailed their boat in the river since thousands year but wasn’t able to find him. Thousands time in history they tried to harpoon the giant and missed it. Their net and harpoon never find the “Deawla”. The Fishermen applied this to mean the mystic giant of the river. “Deawla” is mystical with its weird existence and never be visible to anyone but his bubbling in water is eternal. 

Sailing Boat

The night is amazing for the Fishermen. It proved the biology that nothing is eternal. Eternity is waiting for the moment when it could break down to the dust. Time is coming to sell the eternity of a giant Tiger Fish. A Fisherman picked his sharp knife for slaughtering the big fish. The fish market rapidly turned into a slaughterhouse. The floor is flooded now by the bloodshed of a giant creature. The cloudy sky isn’t cloudy at all. I know this prehistoric blood will scatter in the blood sucked sky rapidly and I should close my eyes to save me from the terrific fear. 

The night is bloody and a witty Biologist getting wondered to see the monumental beauty of a prehistoric object. Thunder-buzz suddenly appeared in the sky and electrified the fish market. The light soon cut-off and covered the market with darkness. It’s a dark night and a witty Biologist cheered up with joy to see the slaughtered fish, “Oh! What a marvel! This piece is the symbol of our extension. Alas! We are not back to the past! We were monumental once and now just turn on a protein sucker! What a shame for us!” 

People got amused to hear the Biologist. It got bigger when the dead fish spit some blood on his face. A tiny microscope is peeped out now from his pocket. The Biologist is careless about the act which happened now to him. Some drop of water steadily hanging in his eyes. I hold my hand to his shoulder, “Let’s go, my friend. If you are not interested to eat the protein of a prehistoric fish then let’s move to the market.” 

A severe sandstorm blankets a convoy from the Headquarters Battalion of the 1st Marine Division north of the Euphrates River in Iraq.

It’s a Tiger fest night. Many strange things are waiting to happen. I was in a fish market just before with the witty Biologist. After that, we are now walking on the road. The road is noisy today. An army convoy crossed the road likes a jaguar. Olive colored juntas are looking historic with their stony faces. The witty Biologist grasped my collar and said, “Hi! What is happening here? Why they exit to the barrack? Is anything-fishy wait for us? The public place is not suitable for them. They are beautiful in their hive. The siren always has driven me to the threat that something bad will wait for us. It is historic indeed, but stressful. I am not able to bear more stresses now.” 

The night is gloomy and the sky is humid and reddened by the blood of a giant Tiger Fish. The road is threatened. Army raid capture the crowd and the siren quickly moves to the fish market. A fishy smell is now smacking in the air. I closed my eyes with great fear and said to the witty Biologist, “Perhaps, the State Emergency is declared. Let’s move to the cave my friend where you and I lived once.