Truth Paradox ⇒ Kirno Sohochari

One of my close friends bit philosophical. Last weekend we two were gossiping in a coffee shop. We are chatting about the true purpose of life. He asked me, “My friend, tell me that what does life mean when we are in trouble and or fall in the paradox where taking a decision seem uncomfortable to us?”

I chuckled to hear his philosophic tone and answering him with my typical style, “Dear friend, the purpose of life is complicated to define for anybody. It depends on that individual person and it should varied I believe. The meaning and purpose of life is simple to me. I believe that it is beneath behind the key objective of your desire. What do you want to the life? Suppose I want to stand on truthful to me at any cost. However, truthful to your “conscience” is not a joke but I like to be truthful to me.”

Truth_paradox_2My friend bites the grilled chicken and now he raised his finger to me, “Your desire is conducive to serve the purpose of life. I think everybody in this planet try to be honest and straightforward in life but it is not feasible for anybody to honest and truthful in life. “Truth” and “Truthfulness” is a tricky word and never be the same. The mood and gesture of it is appealing but it never stands and behaves in the same manner as you think. Truthfulness depends on the situation where a despicable act should consider as the sign of Truthfulness.”

I was little strange and bit dizzy to listening his opinion about truthfulness. My friend realized this and started to tell me a story of a rapist. The offended people once chased this Guy. They were furious to kill him. The rapist was worried to think that if he caught once people will not wait further. They will kill him soon. The death-hunted rapist was running faster as if he could. A narrow lane was just beside him. The rapist quickly picks the route to vanish himself from the excited people. They were close to him. He soon entered to a house.

The poet looked behind once, and then he moves his hand to the people and shut the window silently. His heart was pulsating for saving a life but his eternal conscience was crying for this.

The house was solitary and a poet was living there. He was alone and poetic with his imagination and wisdom. His neighbors were treated him as a solitary person and respect him for his inoffensive lifestyle. People thought that this Guy is exceptional in nature and never pushing his head to anybody’s life. They loved him in that context and treated him as an enthusiastic and truthful person.

However, the rapist soon entered into the Poet’s house and requesting him to save his life from the offended people. The poet was concerned about the rapist. He knew that this Guy is a dangerous criminal. He had a bad record of murder and mischief crime. This Guy is pervert for women and does not miss a single chance to tease them. It is his duty to hand over the criminal to the police.

The rapist was trembling with great fear of death. His tedious eyes were expressing the hunger of life. He wants toMorality-debate_1 live here more. The poet bit confused to see his death-hunted face. He felt a dramatic confusion in his mind. His conscience told him to hand over this Guy to the people. On the other hand, his logic and emotion liquefied to think about the further consequences.

The poet then asked to himself, “What will happen if I hand over the criminal to the excited people? They are very angry at this moment and lost their commonsense. They forget the fact that they have no right to take the law and justice in their own hand. You never exploit the law to fulfill your anger. That’s why if I handed over this Guy to the excited people they will kill him soon.”

It was a very embarrassing moment for the solitary poet. The situation interrupt his daily routine that he used to followed every day. The rapist hid him behind the narrow door of the poet’s living room. He was crying silently and his eyes were dripping with tears for mercy.

The poet thinks, “Maybe it is a trick. The criminal try to provoke me for saving his life. He will not change himself if I save him. Criminal instinct is a dangerous thing and abruptly it will not change. The instinct already growing in his
mind and adjust with his blood. He will not hesitate to doing this thing again if he gets the chance of survival.

Truth_paradox_3However, it is not the right moment to think about his future intentions. His killing and rapist mentality maybe not change in future but it is not fair to kill him by calling the aggressive people in my house. He deserves the judgment. His crime should justify by the court. Perhaps he deserved the right for the sake of justice to “Confess and Self Defense” to the court.”

When the Poet was thinking about the criminal’s fate, the aggressive people were near to his house. He looks through the window and sees that the people asked him about the rapist. The notorious criminal was just behind to the poet by hiding his notoriety. He hid himself into the folded narrow doors. His worried face peeping through the doors like a caught up mouse.

The poet looked behind once, and then he moves his hand to the people and shut the window silently. His heart was pulsating for saving a life but his eternal conscience was crying for this.

I was silent when my friend ended his story. I forgot to sip the coffee. My friend bent down to me and said:

“Truth is relative my friend. Morality of Truth is not a superlative degree. Our logical thinking has an intention of acting linear and superlative but the fact is not like that. It depends on the situation where it will change and perhaps the fact of truthfulness ought to react differently. Language helps us to express our logical conscience and you should remember my friend, our linguistic approach depends on the “Performance” and “Competence” of our thought, where we are very uncertain indeed! Anyway, let finish the coffee. The night is going deeper.”

I sipped the coffee silently and leaved the coffee shop by handshaking my friend. The sky was shining with full moonlight. I am looking to the sky. It was beautiful. My confused heart was muttering autonomously, “Oh! What a scene! Life is really amazing!”