Riddle of Penny and Penniless ⇒Kirno Sohochari


1.1: World is divided by penny-full and penniless people. There is no middle line in here. You have to be penny-full if you want to avoid the penniless convulsion of your fateful existence.

1.2: Being penniless would be a better option in compare with the penny-full spasm of your life. Living with pennies is not an assurance that all of your desire have fulfilled.

1.3: Certainty needs penny. Your pocket has to fill up with pennies but it is not a guarantee that you can purchase the certainty.

1.4: Being penny-full is a crime in compare to be the deviation of penniless people in the society.

1.5: Penny talks when penniless are desirous of that.

Penny is a secured insurance of insecurity.

1.7: Penny-full person is not safe from the Penniless. He is the perilous insurgency for him.

1.8: The Golden Line of existence depends upon the demand and supply-chain of pennies but the chain is unable to ensure happiness.

1.9: Penny-full castrated the penniless. What he does not notice that he castrated himself by doing the penniless castrated. The supply-chain of pennies depends on the rule that the penniless should have great potency to suck his pennies.

1.10: Penny makes penny and it would be possible when penniless are existed over there. Penny remains in idle state when the penniless are not surplus enough in a number to doubling the overflows of the pennies in a society.

1.11: Penny is ethics and aesthetic too.

1.12: The moral principle of penny is not staying in idle state, it will alive when there would be a chance to surplus it. The inflation need to save the moral that penny-flow can never dies whilst the scope of inflation exist.

1.13: Penniless person is poetic and rhetorical but not philosophical. A Poet is the person who can praise the misery of penniless and comparing him with the crucified Christ.

1.14: There is a thousand way to spend pennies but it is tough to choose the best one from thousands.

1.15: Penny means wisdom and wisdom means penny. You cannot sapient if you do not know what money does! A sapient man know how to wringing the pennies from a penniless person.

1.16: A pastor or a mullah is getting angered when they speak about the vice of pennies and they are doing it by filling their cloak with the pitiful pennies.

1.17: Penny is omniscient. This omniscient evil is equally necessary for a Theist and an Atheist. They hate him when they are conscious about their identity as a Theist or an Atheist and loved him much for avoiding the penniless condition. They are not like to seeing them in bankruptcy. The Theist are not waiting for the promises that all of his desire will fulfill in God’s garden. He is running for pennies before to see him indigent. An Atheist silently ignores his belief in nothingness when he uncorks the bottle of wine and sips it before to see him a penniless nothing.

1.18: Penny is intellectual. When you are penniless, you have nothing to say without making a complaint to the world. Poverty is curse for a thoughtful thinker. It steals the intellect and reduces his capacity of refusal or rejection.

1.19: Penny oriented society is artificial rather to be natural. Everybody in the society is lustful to the circulation of pennies by hiding their existence in a mask.

1.20: The moral objective of pennies are to makes more pennies. The profit-making machine yet enclosed the human existence with it. Penny is the essential abstraction of human language, where it is the dominating force and silent fitter of human existence. The fate and future of our existence is nothing but a penny.