Dog Day ⇒ Kirno Sohochari

Today is Dog day. A Street Dog follows me since from the early morning. I was in chicken market then. The broiler white chicken stuffed in the market. These chickens are supernatural invention of modern society. Actually they brought up in artificial rooster and never tried to fly for a single day. Their white feathers grows under the artful temper in a poultry hatchery.

These artful chickens never hid their white existence in a barn of a village, because they are not villager by birth. Golden rays of evening sunlight never told them often to enter the rooster, because the paddy field soon sink down into the dark, and night is perhaps thrilling for nocturnal brown foxes but it’s not safe for the chickens.

The little white birds are ignorant about the terrifying joggle of brown-tailed foxes. They don’t get a chance to hear the jingle bell of crickets at deep midnight. They are growing to be meaty in the iron-cage of poultry farmers and don’t know how to tweets in the twilit morning when the sunlight peeps out from the milky sky. Their voice is not familiar with the cockcrow at dawn and dusk. Cock-a-doodle-doo is unknown to them. The white artificial is inept to separate day and night.

The time cycle of life seems have mean nothing to the white birds. They are fluorescent and flourished to be meaty for protein sucker. They come here just for protein. My weak teeth get some pleasure when I bite the soft bone of this white broiler. Artificial white chicken is certainly tasty to the street dog but it is not possible for him to chase or hunt them at chicken market. What he has to do is begging some guts of the sacrificed chicken to the chicken seller.

Bravery is excellent thing but it has a limit indeed. Now it is reaching on its limit and ability of absurdity going beyond to repetition.

I thought that he follows me to begging the wastage part of the processed chickens. Society is for everybody. The street dogs deserve the wastage. It’s the law of nature that nothing could go here to be wastage. Everything is useful in society. The street boys and the dogs are indifferent here. They are not moneyed to purchase the chicken but could deserve the wastage part at free of cost. It will keep the society clean.

The passage of society has needed to be clean, where the street boys and the dogs are essential to clean the rubbish. Both of them should have satisfied to think about that, chicken waste compensate their hunger for meat protein. My theory of recycled waste is not correct at all. Soon I notice that the street dog is not hungered for chicken bones. He is motivated now to follow me. I feel his presence behind me after the quick exit-moment from the chicken market.

It’ really a disturbing dog day. The weather is too hot today. Morning sunlight is not gracious to me like another day. There is no sign of rain in the blue sky. Blazing rays of sunlight forget that, early morning and late evening is the blissful moment in human life. Sunlight is not empathetic to radiate soft rays for me.

Humanity deserves sunlight and it should tender in early morning but the day is anomalous today. Busy street is getting hot. Peoples are sweating ceaselessly. There is no sign of shadows in the blue sky. Clouds are disappeared from the burning blue. Only the flaming sun is barking like a mad dog. It’s certainly a bad day of mid October. I am roasting in hot sunlight. It’s very painful that a trashy and despicable street dog jammed with me since the morning. I don’t know why!

It’s indeed clear that both of us are animal in context of evolution. I agreed to the point that we two were passing many memorable days in the jungle at remote past. There was no discrimination there. Evolution is changing in time. The definition of animalism also changed here by time. He is a four footed animal and be the essential part of animal kingdom. I’m a nifty animal with two foot and hands. He is frivolous in compare with the heavyweight achievement of mine. My intelligence is thousands times heavier than the perky meat-eater. I know he is an inborn runner and far better than me in hunting field. It’s true this perky dog is an artful smell-hunter. He is faithful to his master than I am. Yes, I congrats him for these special capacities.

However, faithful does not mean anything special. I’m special for my great competencies and dominance over all animals. I’m the lucky intelligent winner of the game of evolution and win over to him. Evolution assembled him for hunting, eating, sleeping and actually for shitting. His days are fixed. The nasty dog is reeling all the day depended on some inborn functionality. I separated myself and not depended on the inborn capacities only. I’ve lot of works to does in God’s garden. That is the difference between us.

My life is colorful with attractive women, heavenly babies, stylish outfits and artful lust. I’m thoughtful and visionary, masterly fabricates my life and needling it on my own hands. I’m not misbegotten like the dirty dog. I know to cleansing me in the toilet with odor. I’m the complete detergent man and cleansing the nasty dog even in bathtub, if I wish to rear him as my pet animal. I even know how to cook dog meat in fire with spicy and tasty flavor. I’ the inventor of fire. It was the most intelligent and distinctive invention in my life.

Fire gave me the comfort to protect my life from the cruelty of nature. This powerful technology gave me the space of thinking. Fire made me thoughtful and imaginative. I’m the melodious King of civilization and rest is tenant of mine. I’m the unbeatable crowned prince of this kingdom. The nasty street dog is not exceptional. He is my tenant and not permitted to follow me without my consent.

The day is dizzy with its capacity of dismissal and the blazing rays shelling over the busy street. The tall rain trees are getting tired to protect the unceasing shelling. There is no sign of ceasefire from the radiating sun in the blue bird sky. The vehicles are buzzing the horn in vain and act like bigoted psyche. A moonstruck man is standing on the traffic corner with national flag. He is completely naked and barefooted. The naked lunatic raises the flag to the blazing sun and declares him as the head of the state. It seems to look that the pedestrians are enjoying the guts he declared himself as head of the state. They started to tease him:

“Hi! What is the proof that you are the state head? Why do we are obeying you as our king?”

The moonstruck man quickly throws his flag in the ground and bent down his hand to the penis. Pedestrians know very well, what will be going to the next. They teased him to see the hot moment, because it’s the most eye-catching minutes of proclamation. The moonstruck man elevates his dickhead to the wrathful Sun God and declares the proclamation:

“You stupid crap, you are challenging me for proof! Okay. Look and look at this fucking proof. My fucking dickhead is a proof that I am the state head. I will keep you happy with this. Come, who want to fucked up by me.”

It’s indeed a challenging task for the pedestrians to accept his invitation publicly. The moonstruck dickhead is careless about the social modesty and that’s the beauty of it. A lunatic is brave and an aesthetic outcome of the evolution. He is free from the regulation and regularities. The wrathful Sun God and the lunatic are not apart in the milieu. They are chaotic and free from the burden of order and discipline. It’s perhaps grand for them but not for the pedestrians like me.

street-dog_0I know my wife and little kid are waiting for me in the home. It’s not possible to ignore the bondage of love and passion they give to me. Human evolution is not free from the bondage of love, affection, hatred and lustful desires of suppression. I’m the captivated existence of this desire. It’s urgent for me to left the lunatic and relinquishes the nasty street dog. My family is calling me to be dutiful to them.

The day is dry like a desert. Everything is boring due to the uncomfortable hot. The pedestrians soon realize the fact and sweeping out from the moonstruck man. I need hurry to follow them by snubbing the street dog. I shake my hand to him: “Hi! Whoosh! Slip away from me. Whoosh…”

The Street Dogs are always indecent. They are dirty and vagabond. This species is immodest, disobedient and never trained to behave like a pet dog. A Street dog is always clinging with others and tries to rift them. This indomitable dog is not exceptional to his inbred brother. He silently ignores my snubbing and started barking like the moonstruck man.

I realize that the situation is not safe now. It’ll turn to be danger by the moment of time. It’s a very disturbing feeling to me. Anyway, I have to keep control my anger to the dog. By few moments of thinking, I control myself and decide to ignore him. This is the silent passage of civilization. The moral of this passage is that, if anybody seems disturbing to you do not hesitate to ignore him silently.

The day is absurd and rouged by the blazing sunlight. I’m getting tired of to see me in circulating to the chicken market to fish market and then to the vegetables. My shopping bag is heavier now and would better if I pick a vehicle to return my destined adobe. The street dog is still behind me with his infamous look and devilish tail. I took a decision to ignore him just before the moment.

When I get ready to call a vehicle, a strange feeling shuts me to the ground. I notice that my foot freeze on the melted asphalt and the notorious dog running faster to the moonstruck man. The lunatic is not in his sense at all, blazing hot perhaps stimulates him to display his courage to the world. He is yet busy to elevate his whimsical dickhead to the Sun God but nobody cares it to see.

The moral of this passage is that, if anybody seems disturbing to you do not hesitate to ignore him silently.

Bravery is excellent thing but it has a limit indeed. Now it reaches in its limit and ability of absurdity going beyond to repetition. This could be the reason that the notorious dog running to the lunatic and jump to him. My shoes stuck on the melting asphalt to see the bloodshed event.

The day is hot today and this is the first time of the whole morning a piece of dirty cloud appears over the blue bird sky. I don’t know from where it is coming and rising in the flaming sky. The color of the cloud looks redden and mystic. It is strangely similar to the color of the moonstruck man’s penis. His insolent dickhead was elevated to the blazing sunlight few moments ago and celebrating his proclamation as a king of the state. Alas! The king is no more in his throne and fallen down in the melting asphalt!

I feel shame to think about the incident of human animal. The loser defeated the proclaimed winner. I bow down my head to the infamous dog before riding to the vehicle. The street dog is barking to see me and running faster than ever. I see his acrobatic tail from behind. He is now hiding his existence in the crowd for his next victim.

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