Chronicle of Nobody (First Chapter) ⇒ Kirno Sohochari


Magical Nothing and my magician friend

My magician friend met me in my house in last month. He is a real hypnotizer and indeed masterful on his art of magic. The magical magician has great skill of vanishing something and then restoring it again. He is a proactive man with his mesmerizing eye contact, actor-like voice throwing and perplexing handicraft. I was spellbound for moments to see me completely hypnotized. I know this man is an artful liar but his charismatic performance makes the false act to be true.

Is it possible to see ‘Nothing’ for an alive being, or it would be possible when death comes to me? The answer is still answerless to me!

I was soon being a fan of him and felt strange confidence to him after the magic is over. I am telling him:

“You are a genius my friend. It is terrific to hide something and then present it again. I eager to believe this you can present anything from the complete nothing. Is it possible here my friend? Please show me your magical capacities to bring something from the complete nothing.”

My magician friend laughed to hear my childish caprice and soon his face getting dark. He keeps my hand to his thumbs and answering me:

“I can vanish and then restoring you from the void but the condition is that you would be present there. Magic is possible when anything is present or existed. It is an artful cheating on hide and seeks something. A magician never believes in ‘Nothing and Void’. The precondition of any magic depends on the existed something, which could be vanished and restored by the magician. Sorry friend, magic is a real game of reality. You are now sitting in front of me and I can play with your real presence to makes it unreal, but my magic will not work when you are wipes out here.”

It was enough for me to remove the fascination that my magician friend is a performer and nothing else. His magic depends on materialistic objects. It is not possible for him to restoring the nonmaterial objects that could be staying on “Void” after the destruction of any object. It means my surface is not void. Something has to be there that I unable to see. However, my magician friend was exit from my house by saying me goodbye and I lost my interest in magic on that day.

Annotation: Dear readers, I lost my interest in magic but am searching a magician who could help me to see the nothing and void. Is it possible to see ‘Nothing’ for an alive being, or it would be possible when death comes to me? The answer is still answerless to me!


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