Flashing on time ⇒ Kirno Sohochari


Time is a tricky false perception of human-thought. Our physical state does not depend on it. This body is free from the time limit. It gets change due to the genetic rules. The mental state of human depends on time. Mind cannot understand the changes of physical state without comparing it with time. Time is required for mind moreover the body.

Time is an aerial rather to be realistic. It is a concept of reality but itself is not the reality.

Physical world is two-dimensional includes its depth of three dimensions. Time is supplementary here and considering it as a fourth dimension is logically in-apprehensive. We needed time for separate reason. Time is not essential to understand the functionality of dimension.

The question of Beginning is always confusing. It is baseless to think about the beginning, because the race is endless. How can you justify what is beginning and when is the beginning of beginning was start over. Theory of Beginning falsify the actual question that ‘why there are has to be a beginning?’

Question of beginning is never thinking itself beyond over Time. We used to think that the physical universe must have a certain moment when everything was beginning and swiftly move to the second question that what was before then and when it was start over.

Beginning is such a tricky point where time could have existed, albeit the physical state of the universe and its action showing the opposite reaction. Nothing could be stand in certain here and the beginning of everything is always return to the state of its own beginning. Discussion of beginning could have unsolved unless we think about it beyond over time.

Time does exist because our mind wanted to be existed on it.

Thinking time is an ‘a priori’ is logically incorrect. Time could not stand before anything that is nothing. The existence of time depends on the existence of anything and the anything should have visualized by space dimension.

Time itself is a space continuum rather to be treated it identical in spacetime as special relativity did before. Time is not a physical element of space; it is an intellection (reasoning) of our mind and a cognitive apprehension that we cannot live the reality without it.

We used to compare our fate to the twirling beat of time, but time does not do anything. It is impartial to the fact. It is an unconscious reflection of our weird action and chain reaction to the world.

Time is motionless but the motion of our mind is endlessly progressive due to the motion of objects in the space curvature.

Time does exist because our mind wanted to be existed on it.

Watch is not essential to differentiate the length of time and narrates it to the past, present and future. Division of time length is an uncertain reflection of certainty. Space is unintentional about the certainty. The inner energies of the space could have resilient to its current state on some extent but it could be change by this moment. The length and division of time is nothing but an illusion of mind in an illusory world.

Time is metaphorical in this metaphysical world. It would be better for human to forgetful about that. Time reminds him that he is temporal in his fabricated existence.

The universe could not have any beginning and ending time. The space is teeming by the mercurial energies and they are deathless.

The history of time means the whirling motion of quanta, dark matter and dark energies. These non-visible elements are infinite to their action and time is an infinite definition of this action.