Chronicle of Nobody (Third Chapter) ⇒ Kirno Sohochari

Symposium discussion in Doctor’s chamber
The mysterious doctor threatens me after examination, “Hi! Do you guess that you are now rotting like a winter leaf? Smoking is injurious to health and you are a chain smoker. The toxic is silently exterminates you from the beauty of life. You are no longer able to respire in this world my friend. I am sorry to say that the death angel is knocking at your door and perhaps you will not get a chance to visit me next.”


I am staring to his white apron when he warned me with his typically typical threatening voice. His intention is noble. The lifesaver tries to save me from the toxic smoking habit.
Few moments later I am answering him with simper, “You are right doctor. Last year I was coming here and you prescribed the same words and wrote the same old prescription for me. I think the toxic smoke is less threatening than your prescription. Medicine is an addiction of remedy but it is unable to medicate my rotten wound that I have experienced lot from this transitional life. Toxic gives me the pleasure that life is not poisonous as we think about it. It is obnoxious when you try to medicate it by the prescription. Dear Doctor, I am sorry to say that your cloddish prescription does not know how to live life and how to rotting it when winter comes.”

Aim of life
A Jumping frog tried to leap on my cornice from the tall mango tree to catch an insect. A street boy tried to climbing the running garbage truck. Fish-peddler tried to convince his customer by showing the fish-hooked catfishes that the fishes are not crossbred; they are coming from the deep muddy cave of the swamp. An insane woman is running on the street by hugging the poster of a daring demagogue, and a corporate bride tried to save her blushing cheek from the blazing sunshine by waiting for the luxurious arrival of bridegroom.

An aimless pedestrian is walking along the footpath to drumming the happiness that he is aimless, and an insurance broker tried to convince the pedestrian that aimless people be needed an insurance to secure his aimlessness.

Life is eventful and these events are aiming to leap on something, which is maybe leaping on the aimless nothing.

A toothless old man tried to prove that he could smile by sitting on an armchair in the balcony, and the flippant boy tried to follow the fatty buttocks of the middle-aged-woman to his binocular. A Facebook fetish is busy to counting the “Like and Share” he got from his millisecond earlier last post. He is now excited to send his next post to Mr. Zuckerberg by the next milliseconds.

A Mullah is busy to delivering his speech that veil is the heaven for young women to protect their celestial beauties from the evil eyes, and the melancholic poet sitting with a madcap philosopher under the strange banyan tree to find out the mystery that why people are so apathetic and like to aloof from the poet and philosophers. They are not yet noticing that an apathetic bird is busy to shitting their head for its own catharsis; and a cine-director is busy to shoot this all. His magnetic lens tried to be a lancet to catch the flying moment of the jumping frog to the shitting moment of the apathetic bird.

Life is eventful and these events are aiming to leap on something, which is maybe leaping on the aimless nothing. The director is careless about this. His one camera is focusing to the jumping frog and another is trying to shoot the running moment of the garbage truck chaser. The director yet even does not know who will succeed at last. He is not aimed him to know the success. His magnetic lancet just aiming to catch the motion, since life is aiming for aimless leaping or running and that is the aim of human life.