Ode to the memorable beauties ⇒ Kirno Sohochari

Last night I wake up to see the blurry face;
you were sleeping beside me.
I touch your face to feel the reality but
You’re no more beside to me

My restless mind,
keep quiet and look at the twinkling stars
They are flashing in the void and whispers to
take you in the void

Today’s morning is fleshy but not tomorrow’s
Today’s noon is baking by the bullying words but not tomorrow’s
Today’s evening is reddened boulevard but not tomorrow’s
Today’s night is ringing by the orgasmic orchestras but not tomorrow’s
Because, you are not shining here to live the tomorrow


A reeling tyre of the truck suddenly burst in the midnight-lane
The noise was massive to shake the world
We were in love to enjoy the silence of midnight-lane
You said to me, “What’s happen? What’s the noise?”
I told you, “Don’t worry sweetheart,
a reeling part of our life is just expired to shake the world.”

A lunatic caught me in the busy street,
“Hi! Tell me who are you? What’s your name brother?”
I tried to remember the name and said the lunatic
“Forgive me brother, I cannot remember me.”

Time is wired to take off …
I felt it when I kissed you after a long hibernation.
It was weird, because I cannot recognized your face

Memory is a remedy of pain
I discovered me under the Banyan tree
on a tireless rainy day
tried to memorize me.

There was no memory
sans the untiring rainfall

The lubricated boss threatened me by raise his forefinger
“You have to careful about the memory loss
I noticed lately that you forget everything, even your own,
what’s happened to you?”

I scratched my head like an exotic goat and said,
“Sorry Boss, Doctor advised me to forget that
I am in service.”

The professor of Economics is a stunning woman
She lives beside my balcony and loves to talk with her pet parrots
The talking birds are lives on the professor’s balcony and love to talk Economics
I don’t know why they like me when
I came to the balcony to see the delicate birds and the professor

Good fortunate could get a chance to talk with a stunning professor
Our last meeting was fragrant by Jasmine flower, because,
the professor came to the balcony with Jasmine-odor

She welcomed me by her lavish smile
“Hi! What’s happened here? Why you are looking sulky today?
Don’t you know the inflation will downsizes by the state,
new pay scale will declare soon. Keeps smile man.”

The talking parrots repeating the scented professor
“Hi! Why you looked sulky such a beautiful day?
Pay scale will come soon. Keeps smile boy.”

I was hypnotic to see the perfumed beauty of the professor
“Sorry Madam, I was in loose motion since yesterday
Anyway, you smelled beautifully and the fragrance…
I think it will help me to control my loose motion
Sorry Madam, sorry to getting off your mood today
The lavatory is calling me and and I need to control the motion.”

Fragrant Economist laughed and said,
“You are really funny like my talking parrots
Your loose motion only could control by medicine,
not for me or the Jasmine,
Go to take the medicine, the inflation is downsizing now,
I hope, you will purchase it at down cost,
If they agreed to downsized it!”

I thanked the professor before running over to the toilet,
“You correctly said professor, but
nothing will downsize despite the pay scale, Except…
the value of your Jasmine-beauty and my sardonic laughter that,
my loose motion is going to be out of control every day.”