The purpose and the multiplication of life ⇒ Kirno Sohochari


Human life is likely a hypothetical burden of confusion and paradox. Life is ironic by its zeal to achieve something that could be manifested by the purpose of human being. The definition of Purpose is critical to definite. One day I questioned to a boatman on the river, “Hi! What is the purpose of your life?” The boatman answered me by rowing his boat, “The only purpose I have is to rowing the boat of life up to the end.” The boatman was clever to his objective. He knew that purpose is just like the floating boat, floating-and-floating and floating to the sudden end. It’s better to rowing the boat likely a careless oarsman.

The same question I had put to a devoted worshiper. He answered me by smile, “My son, we are coming to serve the purpose of God almighty and return to him after death. My purpose destined to carry on the command of Him to the end.” The worshiper was subjective to his mission. He knew very well that purpose is indefinite when we think like that, but it could be definitive by the human if they have desire to define the limit.

multiplication-of-life_3_2I had put the same question to a rationalistic atheist and he answered me, “The purpose is likely the Ravana’s head. You know the great monster and the king of Lanka had ten heads. Each head represents his power and desire to be a dominating force of the earth within and beyond over the time. When you cut these heads, they have capacity to born again-and-again. To me, purpose is likely the Ravana’s head, endlessly sprouting after the massive slaughtering. My friend, So that it’s tough to fix the purpose rather than to living on it, -whatever now it is. As a rationalist being I love to live on the multiplication that I choose for me.”

The rationalist was also clever on his answer of aiming his purpose to the life. It’s certainly not bad to choose sort from the multiplication. I think these three men are equally correct on their views about the purpose of life. It’s better to fix the objective of life from the lot of confusing multiplication and they are able to choose the best by using their own intellect. Many of us have this capacity of choice from the great and complicated multiplication and it’s be true that a large number among the “numbers” are not capable to doing this in their whole life. This is the opposite reality and you cannot deny that.

I am the member of this large group who is yet not decide the ultimate purpose of life. I think you cannot define your purpose by the deliberate notion that you have to thoughtful when you pick the purpose from the multiplied. Purpose never waits for your thoughtful and hypothetical decision. You have to be visionary that you could have something to achieve significant that will extol by the human society. Your purpose of life is “Of the society, for the society and by the society”, and it should for be the human race more than your own. Purpose is not personal as we usually think about it. it’s an amalgamated effort for the societal benefits and you’re the martyr of this nationality. You could think like that you’re certain on your vision to achieve the objective at the end.

multiplication-of-life_0_1It’s saddening for me that I am yet failed to ride on the running bus, and yet even muttering like the historic ass that, which would be better for me to pick at first from the hay and the pail of water. Buridan’s ass is yet hammering me to consider the purpose of life as hypothetical burden of confusion and paradox. The infamous ass was equally hungry and thirsty in his tells. The owner kept a pail of water and tub of hay in front of him, but he failed to take a decision to which option would better for him to meet at first.

The poor ass was moving its mouth between the water and hay such a long time and finally died without taking any of these. I think the cursed ass was thoughtful on that moment about the priorities of hunger and thirst. Priority is exigent when we pick the purpose from the multiple, but it could be self-destructive if you think a lot about it.

We cannot blame them for their actions. These individual human are not liable for the destruction. It was a societal fate that we multiplied number of contradiction between good and evil to satisfy our desire that we are the best race to win over the evil to the end.

I salute them who have not very thoughtful on the purpose but artful to pick the best. I accidentally met a professional killer in my life once. His purpose of life was very straightforward to kill the target at any cost, since his employer paid him to kill. I was strange to see that he entered his house after a successful murder and sitting on the dining table without any hesitation, even he was not feel any urge to wash the hands before dine. I asked him, “You have a strong nerve man! Let tell me why you’re doing this odd job. What is the purpose to choose such life that will kill you at the rest?”

The murderer answered me by his apathetic tone, “Because killing is my life and I am destined to kill. I have not choosing it by my own; you people help me to choose this, so that I can satisfy your unaccountable ambition. You have a lot of ambition in life and wish to gratify this at any cost. You appointed me to serve the interest that could have kept some purpose to you. I am being an apathetic killer before you people kill me to the end.”

multiplication-of-life_0_6I think the killer is strangely meticulous on his logic. You could not liable for your purpose when the society-people instigate you to pick one from the multiplication. Purpose and its multiplication are not coincidental. It’s a result of our million-year journey to the earth. The Homo sapiens were purposeful when they decided to change their route. They left the African savanna for searching a better place of living and took a long journey along way the sea cost. Their struggle with the other hominid was a struggle of the mission that the only purpose of life is to survive at any cost. They were able to multiply their purpose on those days against their rivals. That’s why purpose is more homogeneous to the purpose of societal survival.

Society is living alive when purpose of living in the society is alive. I think it is logically absurd to subjugate an individual for his atrocities. Evan the terrible and the Hail Hitler had nothing difference in the milieu. We cannot blame them for their actions. These individual human are not liable for the destruction. It was a societal fate that we multiplied number of contradiction between good and evil to satisfy our desire that we are the best race to win over the evil to the end.


What a farcical we are! The first sin of human society was to think about the amalgamation under a leader. The individual choice was dying on that day to given birth the Ravana’s head. Multiplication of knowledge is not the security of a peaceful life, which is more depend on the basic instinct, rather to be depending on the gigantic logical instinct.

I think happiness is a vogue word. You will never be happy at the rest if you use your knowledge to multiplying the ambition to satisfy your purpose. Happiness belongs far from the ambition and feels comfort to living in the animals, because, they are living on their basic knowledge of hunting food and celebrate the dinner with great content.

The purpose of life is not to carry the hypothetical burden of confusion and paradox. When I think about this, I cannot think me comfortable to the societal hive. However, what a man could do who is purposeless to his life? I think it’s better for him to get passive to the life and withdraw himself from the societal order and discipline. It maybe bit suicidal but it’s better than to circulating by the pail of water and hay likely Mr. Buridan’s infamous ass.