Wicked verses of love ⇒ Kirno Sohochari

Silence is heavier than trillion words,
I wanted to pick for you.
Your silent eyes trillion times heavier,
the words you pick for me.

A frog trying hard to climb the mobile tower since the morning. Soft winter light reflects his diligent effort from the morning. It’s tough to guess why he tries to do this against his natural limitation.

His tireless effort is meaningless, because nature did not design the amphibian Anura to climb upon high. I’m trying to stop him but the frog is determined to climb the peak. He tries to reach the height but falling down over and again to the ground like a sarcastic clown.

My eyes now stuck up a peak of the tower. A little martin is sitting over there. Flying to the high and sitting on it doesn’t matter anything to the birds. Nature designed them to fly high to sit on the height. What an anomaly it is! My heart is getting dark to feel the hopeless effort of the amphibian, as because he is the mirror of my hopeless effort to you.

Only God could say from how many days have passed in the earth and yet I’m trying to be the bird and yet falling on the ground over and again, like the fateful sarcastic clown.

Only He knows why I try to climb your topical height!


Nothing is more humiliating,
when you say the word, “I love you.”


“Take care” is an untypical word,
but nothing is typical more than ever to say,
“Take care yourself.”

Love is political.
When I see the politic,
I’m seeing ‘you’ honey.

Love is political.
It’s amazing to wake up
for the vexatious calling bell, and see the
“politic” is standing in front of the door,
It reminds me ‘you’ honey.

Love is political.
“Politic” is amazing to
memorize your comfit
smile and promises.

Love is politic.
It reminds me that,
likely I never see the “politic”
in rest of my non-political life.

Words are futile to explain
the temptation of love.

Jesus surmised this when
He resurrected and appeared
in front of Mary Magdalene.


Love is poisonous but Imru’ al-Qais was a terrific boozer to drink the venom. The prince of Kindah tribe was once traveling in the desert and stumbled to see the beauty of a desert woman, as he always traveled and fallen and slipped to the sliding beauties of women’s venomous curve. 

Love is toxic but the poet of “Mu’allaqa” was dared to drink the wine. He was glided on the beauties of Unaizah, as he once numbed to see the whirling beauties of Ummul-Huwairith’s long skirt and Ummul-Rahabs’ ripened date-fruit underneath the camisole in his traveling moment in Masal.

Love is viperous and Imru’ al-Qais was crazy to drag the snakebite. He grabbed the venom in his route to Wajrah. The prince of “Mu’allaqa” was slipped on the shining cleavage and wavering buttocks of the desert-rose Unaizah, as he always loosens his control to see the gleeful footstep of Bedouin-girls in the blazing desert-sun, and always loosens and falls and declined to the luster of damsel beauties like a swain.

Love is a pervert. The poet of the desert was riding on his camel to loot the heart of wedded Unaizah, as he looted the heart of Emperor Justinian’s beloved in Constantinople, as he always steals and loots and robs the women’s heart like a playful Corinthian. This time the poet descended to loot Unaizah’s desert beauty.

Love is promiscuous and the immoral prince of Kindah was self-willed to fornicate the sparkling beauties of date-colored desert deity, as he always orgy and vicious to fornicate women’s beauty.

Love is shameless and Imru ‘al-Qais was shameless to theft the beauties of Unaizah despite her enigmatic duplicity that she was a virgin, as the poet of “Mu’allaqa” always theft the beauties from the desert tent. This time the poet’s caravan knelt down Unaizah’s feet to loot her enigmatic beauty.

Love is heedless due to the mirage. The poetic prince saddled his camel to pick Unaizah on Howdah and traveling with her like a forever-young traveler, as he always traveled and smelled the fragrance of rosy beauties in Howdah, but this time the master of “Mu’allaqa” dodged by the mirage of evening sunlight.

Love is an oasis and Imru’ al-Qais was shameless to find the oasis, but this time the shameless poet knelt down to the desert sand to see the immersion of falcon and desert beasts into the deep cave of drifted hectic sands.

The poet was dejected to see that the beautiful Unaizah is immersing into the desert storm in spite of her crimson lips. She was drowning and declining with her seducing swinging buttocks and juvenile breast.

Love is jubilant despite the downfall. The prince and the poet of desert saddled his camel again to find the oasis where he could drink some wine of love and booze up him to forget the verse that, “love is mirage despite its juvenile vermilion”


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