Oblivious syllables for the forgetful homeland ⇒ Kirno Sohochari


It’s fantastic to sitting on the train station
likely a “complete unknown”, and silently
await for somebody.

It’s splendid to partake in the political rally,
assimilate bombastic promises of the
demagogue silently.

It’s not a foolish step to silently carries the
massive pressure of taxes and unemployment.
It’s safe to keep silent by seeing the gang rape,
and even more meticulous to keep silent on the
gang burglary of superlative bosses.

It’s far better to enjoy the circus of
honorable finance minister.
Hi is just peeping-out from the bureaucratic-hole
to see the bankruptcy of public money’s.

It’s indeed healthy to silently avoid the
doctor’s prescription that you
have a chance of malignant diabetes.

It’s pleasant to silently ignore the
swanky buttocks of miss universe by
the one shot masturbation.

It’s do better to silently forget your name
when the clever comprador try to
convincing you to be a profit-sucker.

It’s not easy to keep silent when you’re
sitting on the café, by front of the
nebulous coffee-pot and
in front of the silent face,-
who was promised to await for
you to the end of all silence.


I’m running faster to track the compatriot
by a countless day, and fumbled in dark
to touch the gloomy face of my homeland.

My glassy eyes are ceaselessly blinking to see
the melancholic horizon of the motherland.

The proactive buttons of my keyboard
determine to say something about the
perplexing rage I’m seeing thousands times
in people face, but…

I realize to the end that actually
I have nothing to see and say
about the sullen motherland.

Last weekend I was playing rapid-fire question to my little kid. He asked to me, “Answer me papa by one second, what is the name of our country?” I recurrently tried to answer the question, even breaking the rapid-fire rule, but could not recall the name at all.

The little kid was laughing to see the caricature and told to me, “Poor papa, what a shame, you forget your motherland name!”

I stroke his angelic face by the finger and said, “Don’t blame me boy for my memory loss. Time will come and it’ll coming very soon when you forget everything, even your own.”

The intelligent frog jumps onto the puddle
to think that he is jumping on the pond.

I leap onto the puddle to think that
it’s my homeland.


The branded extortionist blinks his knife to claim his monthly subscription. I tell him, “Brother, I’m lost in business and emptied now to pay the subscription. It’s better you seriously stab me now, so that I could get the news media attention to get a healthy sum from the state head for the physical loss. I promise you will get the whole then.”

The party extortionist howling with sadden tone, “Shut up you bloody moron! Don’t talk nonsense. I stabbed hundreds before you to trust the word, but not a single swindler keeps the promise after receiving his compensation from the state head.”


The scientists are pretty sure about that they are not ignorant to face the ignorance and now they’re the flying-bird of the universe to prove that they’re unafraid to mold the ignorance.

The religious steersman is pretty sure on the scientific ignorance of the secret unknown. Political-pennant is sure that problem of ignorance could solve by the peaceful coexistence of science, religion and ignorant mass people, and politics could solve it by voting machine.

The terrorists are pretty sure that ignorance could solve by the mass killing of opponent in jihad.

A little kid is keeps his feet ignorantly on the landmine just a minute ago in the desert sand to pay the charges of to be ignorant about the flying scientist, heaven-expectant religious and the Jihadist.

The pity little kid standing on the landmine to prove the Oracle that problem of ignorance is relative to the progression of ignorance, and it could be better to solve the ignorance by forgetting the ignorant.