There is very little in this room ⇒ Saurabh Rai’s post on “Poets Unlimited”

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There is very little in this room

The air is stale.
It smells of old age and failure.
Of weariness and fatigue.
Of repetition.

What are we doing?
How long have we been here?
It could be forever.
Existing to wait
For something to happen.
For something to set us free.
We don’t want to die here.
These walls are too strong,
these walls that keep us in.
There is something in the way,
as has always been.
This is the design.
‘Look for the door,’ everybody yells.

How do we get out?
There is a place beyond these walls
We know that.
Right? Right? Surely.
It can’t just be this enclosure.
It is dark.
It has strangers measuring each other.
With cold eyes.
Those eyes have seen eternities.
Decades of fumbling.
Maneuvering futile escapes.
Finding secret doors.

We search for our escape.
In this confusion..
we collapse.
Feeling for a door.
Failing and Faltering.
Crying and howling.
Sadness gives to quietness and we rest sometimes.
Digging into our private wounds.
The only way we know.
Wondering if this perdition is our home forever.
The fever always comes back
to torment our souls.
Chastising and enamoring.
With shadows of ‘what it could have been’
and sunlight of ‘What it can still be?’
If we were bolder, braver.
If we can still be.
And we madly rush to find the door
Frail creatures of passion and guilt.
May be this time..
This time we shall find it.

Out. Out.
May be, just may be,
We could stop trying.
Wait and it will come to us?
Redemption, if not revival.
If we stop protesting.
Denying what is.
Stop Chasing our illusions.
Is there? Is there hope then?

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