“The Blank Slate” ⇒ Kirno Sohochari

One my studious friend said once that our body is never been the same at all and we are not become the same man as we think. The body is changing in times. Our body cell dies and reborn. We die many times and born again like a Phoenix, but we are not eternal like the prehistoric Greek bird. The game of cell division is not eternal here. Its capacity reduces by time. Our lifespan depends on it and we depended on to the memory.

My friend then quotes Richard Dawkins and smile, “Do you know we are nothing but a bundle of memories. Dawkins said in his voice that “we are copying memories of memories of memories” in our brain cell and writing the memoir of our existence.”


I was feeling shaky against his confident smile and said, “If our biology depends on cell division, why not the memories die with it forever! It would be better if we forget that once upon a time we were born and now back again to the existence. Our flesh is new but our memories are oldies like the prehistoric bird.

Dear friend, growing with old memories is painful. You should remove the oldies. I think burning like a white sheet of paper in every time of cell division is more comfortable than that. It removes the past and we can eternally live our life like a newborn baby.”

My friend gets annoyed to me of hearing the foolish words. He exits from the room with great anger. Seeing his extermination, I enchanted with thrill and think that, a piece of Blank Slate just exit from my room now!

… copying memories of memories of memories … 


Photo Credit: (salvador dali’s artistic experiment on tabula rasa) Wachstafel; Tabula Rasa; lawhimsy;