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Read Liyona’s (blogger: Life and times of a quirky character) and Loro Levari’s (blogger: Dancing the Camino) post to feel what they feel and talk about the entropy of life.


by Liyona

I believe in the complex
the symmetry of entropy

life is more complicated than
my political affiliation or
my gender
at least I believe so
taking everything into account seems
like a daunting task

until you realize it is the only way to understand
fully how I think
the mess of my mind
creates the words and jokes I tell
sorry, I can really be crude, can’t I
I didn’t mean it
any of it

life it too complicated to be taken
completely seriously
Right, Friend?

We both say hogwash but mean daisies and roses
we both glance at our watches and remember our schedules
plotting life adventures like a math problem
Geometry maybe?

Sometimes the simplest “Hello”
will help me realize that life isn’t as

complicated as I make it seem
when I reduce my fractions and
smile in the mirror

then I can start to focus
on the objects of happiness and joy
that make this world Simple


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The Storm
by Lori Levari

Lately, it seems as if everyone is struggling with their health or should I say,” lack of health.” This extends to every level of our being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It seems as if everyone I love is struggling. Perhaps, the whole world is struggling. The storm appears to have hit.

In my own life I have chosen over the years to empower myself by bravely opening the lid of “Pandora’s ‘box,” telling myself that I will look courageously out into the world and try to find the answers to how people have healed themselves of many of the diseases that are considered to be incurable . Being an undying optimist, I believed all the solutions must be out there to be found.

The more I researched, the more I discovered there were many more things inside Pandora’s box than I could possibly have imagined. For example, many of us recognize that disease come from what we eat, our old traumas, viruses, bacteria, environmental toxins, to name a few, but when I decided to look deeper, the list grew longer and longer. There were toxins that come from our food, Chem trails, vitamin and mineral deficiencies from our demineralized soil, and EMF pollution that bombards us on every level. There is “dis ease” that gets born from the conscious deception of those that hold the economic reins of our world, bleeding into every one of our institutions, including the medical, educational, the food industry, the government, to name a few.

When I look at the problems we are truly grappling with in this light, or should I say darkness, it appears to be an unstoppable monster. It begins to look very much like a  bad dream. Still, I take a big gulp and begin to apply all the unlimited skills that can now be found easily on the Internet. When I begin to apply the increasingly long list of things that will help me be healthier, or shield my home from EMF’S, I start to recognize that several things are happening at once. On one level, I feel strengthened, for I believe I  am doing good things for myself at last.

This state of isolation that we have been raised in, that causes us to magnify all our troubles and attempt to survive against the odds also goes on at the cellular level inside our bodies.

I am for example, eating an exceptionally clean diet and I feel somewhat healthier. Still at the back of my mind I hear the rumblings of, “perhaps you need chelation therapy, to rid yourself of lead, mercury, and other metal poisonings, perhaps you can truly grow your own food, maybe you should stop drinking out of plastic bottles.” Also I noticed that absolutely every solution I find, is contradicted by an opposite solution. Such as those that swear by veganism verses those who claim it is impossible to be healthy without some meat.

Always in life there are multiple overlays of existence and each must  be attended to. I try to do the best from where I am, with love and acceptance for myself and for where I  am on my path. We can only ever do our best.

On another level it becomes more and more obvious that attending well to all the needs of coping with disease and health creates a OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) personality. It becomes so very easy to look out there, mostly the internet, and try endless supplements or techniques to find “the cures,” or discover the fountain of youth. In a way, I can see that I am the naive princess setting out on a journey into the vast world to find the ” elixir of life.” And as I realize this, I look lovingly at myself with acceptance. For this is probably what I signed up for when choosing to be born here in this three-dimensional world.

More and more the analogy of this 3D experience of life, being like a computer game is empowering for me to understand  better the concepts of (ideas,  thoughts, stories, truths, and the power of the mind.)


This is a picture of light reflecting on a painting inside my house and the reflection has bounced back onto the outside window and appears now to be outside in the air in front of the Cedar tree in the backyard.

Somehow I sense this 3D experience of life is like this. I wonder now, did we all as humans have to weave such a complex multidimensional level of considerations, that at some point we are forced back into the simplicity of what we are without this 3D life. Perhaps we truly are one consciousness, mind, God, source or whatever we each choose to express the inexpressible. Perhaps all together we are creating this dream. For some, it may be more lucid and co-creative, and for others a nightmare, out of control. Does god like to play peek a boo?

For me, it helps to think of life as the beautiful, sacred, opportunity for profound growth and evolution, “game.” As a game it makes more sense. The pain and suffering are somehow more bearable. The entropy of life can become more and more meaningful  by the harmonious and beautiful patterns created by love. Is it the game of “How to love”

When each of us is running around in a seemingly disconnected struggle, trying singlehandedly to deal with the endless assaults this world sends our way, we are often coping with our flight or fight responses, our reptilian brain. This primitive brain’s main consideration is survival, at all costs. Perhaps the “ego” is another name for this aspect of ourselves. There is nothing wrong with this instinctive part of ourself that wants to survive but it has dark shadowy sides when we recognize that frequently beneath our concern for others, is the fear that their problems could happen to us, or our loved ones. I think all of us have these shadow aspects that contribute to our need to dull ourselves to the bad “out in the world” as long as we can hold onto some kind of hope that we may still create a small utopia. Or perhaps the bad out there has finally come crashing in and cannot be kept out. Sometimes we lose hope.

This state of isolation that we have been raised in, that causes us to magnify all our troubles and attempt to survive against the odds also goes on at the cellular level inside our bodies. This is called Cancer. We have been programmed to be terrified by such a diagnosis, but ironically each one of us can have deep compassion for this desire for the individual to live out its life span even if the host or great mother is dying. Are we “humanity” not unlike a cancer upon the planet at this time. Perhaps cancer cells are only like frightened people hoping to avoid pain and the unknown.

Two weeks ago I became concerned about the level of EMF’S in my house. There are all these devices you can buy and they all claim to have amazing shielding capabilities. Somehow however the more I have searched on the Internet, the more my recognition has grown that I am always looking out there for some kind of insurance policy, some feeling that I am in control. I suddenly understood that each of us has within us all the technology that has manifested itself on the outside. We are the most advanced technology. Every other discovery is modeled from our human design and the power behind that design is ( the oneness that we are.) So with this realization I began to use my mind to shield my home. I imagined a beautiful blue egg surrounding all the land around my home going up to the sky and deep into the earth.

Then I recognized that what I had created with my loving imagination, was a tumor. For the question quickly came up to me. What about the EMF pollution on the rest of the earth? What about the universe.  This is when I understood that true healing encompasses  the whole. So I sat there and imagined the whole earth free of EMF pollution. I saw the dark scribbled lines with their discordant frequencies, begin to weave together into colorful geometric patterns that vibrated with the harmony of the spheres. I realized that we can begin to transform this life that has become a nightmare back into a meaningful dream, if we can keep growing who we believe ourselves to be to include the whole.  We have these individual stories that we live out, but we can simultaneously recognize that our bodies might be the nervous system of the unity consciousness we share. Perhaps the more we bless everything on behalf of the greater picture, the more healing happens.

When I was walking the Camino in Spain, I began to bless my food and water and imagine that every human and every cell was receiving and enjoying. Now I begin to understand this at the next level.

…When I was walking the Camino in Spain, I began to bless my food and water and imagine that every human and every cell was receiving and enjoying. Now I begin to understand this at the next level.


Originally posted on: The Storm : Lori Levari February 28, 2016 on Dancing the camino

“Always in life there are multiple overlays of existence and each must  be attended to.”

Photo Credit: levi van veluw; tao of digital photography