Morsel talks about storytelling ⇒ Kirno Sohochari

Form and technique is key factor when we sit-down to write a story. The technique rotates the narratives into a spiral space of story. Writing a story is indeed the creative gambling. You ought to careful about the tricky moment when your narratives wants to be imperious.

When you write a story you’re the conductor to decide its route, but very soon the scenario will change and turns different shape. You lost your driving position as an author. The characters are then acts like a prodigal boy. They are reluctant to follow you and prefer to follow the uncertain path where anything could be happen.

A storyteller is just the narrator of yonder uncertain path. When he writes story, actually he writes down his inner “Self”. It is obscured and rarely showing his face to the reality. Storytelling is battle between the “Real” and “Unreal”.


A storyteller is a caveman. He used to live his acquainted surface, where everything is determinate and certain by the regulations. He is one of the members of this regulatory body. The ludicrous thing is that when he sits down to write a story the pity writer is no more belong to be a member of the so-called bodies. His thinking and imagination then gets their freedom and wants to burst out with all shameful desire that he hid in his mind.


Storytelling is a shameful act. It makes you naked and barefooted. It is the silent war of “What do you want to say and what is not like to say anybody!” The author is not a master of his artful narratives when he drives it. He is the slave of his lingual arrangements. They will take the decision that what is going to happen next.

Storytelling is the summary of Shakespeare’s puzzle. The great dramaturgist certainly realized it and truthfully said, “To be, or not to be: that is the question.”

The duty of a storywriter is to break the puzzle and levitating himself to the stream of dark illusion where language will decide his techniques and his fate indeed.


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