The Tree of life and the “axiom” ⇒ Kirno Sohochari

Film Quote: Do Good.

Self-realization: Depend on the length of “Do bad”.

Film Quote: Life goes on…

Self-realization: There is no ultimate choice over there, you have to moves or to be stopped it, as if you could stopped…

Film Quote: I just want to die… to be with him.

Self-realization: You cannot, because loss is irreplaceable. It could never filled by sacrifice.

Film Quote: You can’t say, “I can’t”. You say, “I’m having trouble. I’m not done yet.”

Self-realization: If the chariot of ambition means I must be moves forward and at any cost, sometime it’s necessary to stop the wheel for to say, “Yes, I can, but I’ll not do it, because I don’t wanted to do it.”

Film Quote: The only way to be happy is to love.

Self-realization: Relative. The action of love depends to the absence of love. If absence not exists, love doesn’t exist. Love always searches the proponent to exist.

Film Quote: Your life will flash by…

Self-realization: True. Everybody waits for the jerky moment, which bash him to moves the chariot before to the end.

Film Quote: I wanted to be loved because I was great. A big man… I’m nothing …

Self-realization: Greatness is an uncertain conclusion for love. He who is great he would have never waited for love, because he can see the bottom line to the top. Love has its own omega, greatness goes “nothingness”, because its destination is endless and goes beyond over love.

Film Quote: The memories are a torment to her, not a consolation.

Self-realization: Tormented memories are “bless” to feel that I’ve skin that feel the pain. Torment memories sanctify the “self” not for consolation, —for resists.

Film Quote: Help each other.

Self-realization: “Self” can help other when it able to help its own.

Film Quote: Wrong people go hungry, die, wrong people get loved.

Self-realization: Rightness is vague sans the presence of wrongness. “Wrong” is a misplaced word, because nothing is wrong in this encircled world, except the action you strike to run the wheel. Which is wrong to you perhaps it appears right to the other. The relation is correlative. Righteousness is abstract regards the context of wrongness, because wrong-move makes you human, who invent the circle he called “do righteous for life.”

Film Quote: Don’t do like I did. Promise me that.

Self-realization: Each has its own ability to think and justify “right and wrong”. You can share your experience rather to force anybody for the “promise”. It’s dubious, cause, one is not liable to keep the promise.

Film Quote: That’s where God live.

Self-realization: To find the God’s abide is great to avoid the fear of “nothing”, however, feeling is personal, fear of nothing provoked you to fill the void, albeit nothing is always filled by something to move the chariot.

Self-realization: The true fact of life… it deserves lot but return little.

Dedicate to the film: “The Tree of Life“, Directed by: Terrence Malick

Photo credit: special thanks to imdb, google image and