The dizzy knowledge seeker ⇒ Kirno Sohochari

Moses, the conductor and commander-in-chief of Banu Israel (progeny of Israel) meet Al-Khidr at the junction where two seas unite them together. Al-Khidr glances for a minute to the stranger and asked him, “You perhaps the Moses of Banu Israel. Am I right?” Moses said in reply, “Yes, I’m the selected conductor of Banu Israel. The almighty Lord sent me here to follow you so you can guide me to true knowledge. He bit angered to me when I claimed that I’m the most learned man in the world. He ordered me to follow you so that I can realize the true knowledge He given to you. I hope you will permit me to stay and following you.”

Al-Khidr smiles in reply, “Dear Moses, knowledge is relative and you could not draw an ultimate line there. Yes, I know such things that you’re ignorant about, and convincingly you know something I’m not well concerned about this. Only the Almighty knows everything, because He is the knowledge-giver and knowledge-keeper, because His Knowing of knowledge is non-relative, and He belongs beyond of everything that we named knowledge.


My dear commander, knowing of knowledge is an applied thing, only applied for the created being. Knowing about something is practical and correlative. Almighty of “everything” is non-correlative; you could not compare His knowledge to the other, and it’s not possible to correlate the non-relative to the relative. Relativity means which is real and which is exists. This Real is connected with all other Real existed in here, —to justify the fact that everything has really existed here. However, you cannot apply this law to Almighty. He is the reason for everything relative but He Himself isn’t relative to the “everything”; you can compare His relativity with the seawater.

I’m docile to think myself correct, because my knowing is only mine, reasoning of the knowing is my own, consider the knowing and reasoning it as almighty’s plan is also mine, and the belief that “what I did is done to carry the unknown almighty’s order”… it is also been mine brother.

You indeed feel dizzy to hear me. Look, water is the reason for sea but the sea itself not the reason of water. If water no more exists sea would not exist there. Sea needs water to appear and exist here but water has no such desire or dependency to the sea. Water can exist without any sea but you could never imagine a sea lacking water. Sea connected with water for its own relative interest but water is non-relative here, just like the almighty. My fellow commander, we need the knowledge for the reality check but knowledge needs nothing here to prove itself. It is impersonal and non-relative to this all.

Anyway, I’ll not reject you to follow me. You’re the conductor of Banu Israel and almighty sent you here, which means there must have some valid reason for this. Let tell me first, what do you want to learn? If it is anything about almighty, I cannot help you anymore, and if it is other than the Lord you have to follow me last, —albeit you could not stay with me in patience.


Khidr is calling the mystic nomad of the sea. He is not like other conductors, whom the Almighty guided by revelation so that they can teach people about the righteous path. They are destined to guide and lead or rule the people in a righteous path. Representatives of almighty, they are just the receiver of revelation and dutiful to transmit the words without question. The reason is simple here. Anybody can upheavals question that he observed here, but how does he raise a finger to the non-observable? Yes, he can if the non-observable being has had some relation to the observable and if the non-observable is being the main cause for all observable.

Almighty’s messengers begin their mission by the belief that non-observable is the root-cause of all observables, where faith is mightier than fact. Moses is just alike them other, Almighty sent him to transmit the message and commands to the Banu Israel and he is now doing this like a passive receiver.

Khidr’s case is different in here. He is familiar with sea rather than folks. He travels hither-and-thither like a rambler. Probably the Almighty freed him from the burden to teach-and-guide people about non-observable. Khidr is a lonely survivor of the sea. He is an alien with his self-oriented revelation. Anyway, Moses think all of these before expressed his next question, “Oh! The follower of Almighty, do you tell me please why you have doubt on my patience?”

The question is valid and the answer came soon to him, “because, we brought up differently, now passing the life differently, and conceive knowledge in different context. What I’ll do next you’ll not ingest it to see. Our path is different brother and perception not like similar as you think. Almighty brought and taught both of us in a different manner. You have to be silent to see the action I’ll go to take over but I’m in doubt, you cannot control yourself to see this.”

Moses promised him that he will stay deaf and control himself to see any unexpected event; if it is truly unexpected. Both of them were talking by a walk along the seashore and then a passenger’s boat comes to the sight. They request the oarsman to lift them in the boat. The passengers know Khidr very well and they request the boatman to lift them free. Then a strange little bird comes to the scene and sits on the edge of the boat. The little bird dipped its beak twice in the sea, seemed that it is thirsty. Khidr glanced for a moment to the bird and then speak to Moses:

… knowledge is not what you see, instead of knowledge denoted what you realized from that you see… Your “taken action” is your knowing, which is perhaps not matching with almighty’s action, …

I don’t know yet why the Almighty sent you here, but if you come here to seek knowledge maybe you dodged by the uneven acts of mine. To me, knowledge is unknown like the almighty; you could guess His greatness but never define the length. What you can do is to observe everything happened in the sight. Now, tell me from where the bird is coming and why be seated here?


The question is weird but not the reality that a little bird seated on the boat and dipped its beak to drink some water. Moses answered to Khidr, “I don’t know why, but the reason could there be many. The easiest reason is perhaps it is sitting here to take some rest. Another I guess now, the bird is identical to the sea. Sea’s existence is essential for the bird to get food and water. Birds are obliged to follow the sea for existence and they always fly over there. However, it could be happening for another reason, which I yet not able to guess. It’s difficult for me to guess the exact reason, because, I’m not observed it before and don’t know anything about the previous state of this bird. Perhaps you know the reason, if it is, please tell me why the little creature be seated here.”

Khidr was smiling to hear Moses and then replied, “You have guessed many to answer the simple question. That means we know very little about everything happening on the surface. So far you observed, as far the answer is. As far your answer, so far the knowing is. So far you see the sea, as far you can tell about it, rest is lying behind the mystery, where you could guess a lot but not confidently claim that you know the exact. To me, it is the signage that we’re flying and traveling in an unlimited ocean and dipped our beaks to take the little drop of water.

This little bird signals me that knowing the unknown could not assure that I know the unknown. When you acknowledge something the circle of knowing soon increases to acknowledge more, that means knowing and unknowing is depended on to each other. Knowing increases unknowing and unknowing increased due to the knowing, when you say, “I wanted to know”, that means you wanted to know the unlimited unknown, so how can be claimed that we’re learned. Nobody in the world is “learned” except the almighty unknown. You have the patience of adjusting to the reality, otherwise, you would guide by the false ego. I think you’ll think about this and remembered later to see my activities.”

Moses was silently listening to him and now he replied, “Oh! The companion of the sea, people say that you have sheer knowledge about sea, fishes and birds. They think you are the mystic representative of Almighty, who can talk with the birds and so on. Can I ask a question if you never mind?”

Khidr bowing his head, “Certainly you can ask me anything you have in your mind.”

Moses then said, “I think I’m very fortunate that Almighty was enkindled His shine front of me in Sinai mountain when I was back to the home after a long break. The mountain was glaring by His enlightened presence, where He first appeared to my sight. The experience was beyond over words and I’m not denoting to you that what I felt in that moment. Words are not sufficient to express this. Tell me now, have you seen and talked Him ever?”


Khidr, the nomad Seaman replied, “I will not tell you anything about this and I alerted you earlier that we have kept silence about Almighty. We’re coming here to know which is knowable and maybe yet incomplete for knowing, we do not come here to know the almighty unknown, who is sovereign in his completeness. Knowledge is that which is yet incomplete and always be. You saw His luminance but what I was seeing is beyond over the luminous, if you wanted to know this you have to follow my action silently.”

Embarrassed Moses instantly realized his fault and replied, “Forgive me. I promise you, it will never happen again and I have kept my word.”

We’re coming here to know which is knowable and maybe yet incomplete for knowing, we do not come here to know the almighty unknown… So far you observed, as far the answer is. As far you answering, so far the knowing is.

Two strange knowledge-seekers then came down to the boat, and just before the moment Khidr removed one plank to the boat. Moses asked to him, “What is it! The boatman lifts us free of cost and you destroy his boat in exchange! It’s not fair.”

Khidr reminded him in reply, “Dear brother, you forget what I told you just before. You cannot stay with me as I said this or not?”

To remember the words Moses feel embarrassed, “Sorry, don’t be rude with me please. It’ll never happen again I promised.”

Khidr smile, “Promise is vague my brother if you failed to understand the meaning. How could you promised so fast and then forget it at the moment! Never tried to do this again, because you yet not certain what’ll be happened at next.

Look, you promised to the Banu Israel that you will guide them to find the Promised Land which Almighty once promised to Abraham and then you. Wrong perception brother, the unknown almighty could promise because He is unknown and we don’t know why He promises, but you did mistake to copy His word the same, because you’re not certain about the locus of Promised Land, instead you could have said to them, “Let moves forward to break the chain, let move for freedom. Let us go to discover the unknown realm where we could live as free, where we could enjoy the freedom that the Firaun (Pharaoh) will not in chain us.”

Now see what is happening here, The Banu Israel started to believe the promise that they’re superior to other and blessed by Almighty for the best, where the Promised Land is only for them to live here permanently. Do you think they’ll leave you alone if you failed to keep the promise? You pushed a dream to their mind, the dream of separation and superiority over all other humans. Do you think you did the right thing?”

Moses replied prompt, “What did I do was follow the almighty’s order. I don’t know why He selected me to guide Banu Israel for freedom and the Promised Land, but if I am not pushed Almighty’s given promise with audacity that, you people cannot let you ruined by living such a miserable life in Egypt, you have to be woken up for your own sake and for the Almighty too. That was enough for me to trust on almighty’s promise that I’m his slave.

Whatever I think means He allowed me to think like this, and whatever I say, He allowed me to say like this. I’m the carrier of His thoughts and words and nothing is happening in lack His recognition. This is not enough for me to push the Promised Land in Banu Israel’s mind? So that their confidence could grow to trust the Almighty?”


Khidr smiles again in reply, “O the commander of Banu Israel, don’t mind, I’m testing you. You said right that you’re the reflector of almighty’s unknown greatness. However, you did a little mistake by messing up almighty’s promise to the action you have taken. Almighty made the promise for Promised Land, it is a sign of knowing that there is something waits for you real and achievable, but it depends on your own action that what steps should have taken here to achieve the achievable. Your “taken action” is your Knowing, which is perhaps not matched with Almighty’s action, because of your lacking about His action, so the knowing depends on your own deliberate action, you cannot judge it otherwise.”

Moses said in reply, “O the nomad of the sea, I don’t understand your words so far. Perhaps it’s my limitation that I never think such like ways you think to be. Anyway, I believe soon we be able to reach the Promised Land. My belief is my knowledge here, and the almighty selected me to believe and that’s my resort to moves forward. I’m responsible for guiding Banu Israel and guidance is not an easy matter. It needs tolerance, fortitude or foresight that I believe not possible without any help from the Lord Almighty. Suppose, I yet not understand your earlier action and I believe you’re not doing this without any reason, albeit I’m yet dark about it. However, let move for the next.”

Khidr said nothing against Moses in reply, instead of they silently walking for the next and it was even more dreadful for Moses. They reached such a place where a little boy was playing with other boys. Khidr tactfully has taken an action and killed the boy! Moses could not control his anger to see this and said, “What is this! I see you’re a very ruthless Guy. You killed an innocent boy without any reason. You can kill anybody if he killed or harm other. This boy did nothing wrong here, nevertheless, you killed him! This is not fair.”

Khidr is a lonely survivor of the sea. He is an alien with his self-oriented revelation.

Khidr, the bizarre nomad of the sea again reminded the same, “O the commander of Banu Israel, be careful, you again have broken the promise of keep silent. I didn’t tell you that knowledge is not what you see, instead of knowledge denoted what you realized from that you see. You think it unfair but it is fair and just to me. Our perception is different here and realization not matched to the same, and that’s “knowing”, it never could be same to the two different persons.

Look, brother, you’re not me and me is not you. Unknown almighty designed us in different shape and mind to serve the different purpose. What you treat wrong that seemed legitimate to me. Yeah, it needed some explanation, but I’m not in a mood to explain it, nor I obliged to explain it; explanation always creates duality if you do not consider it to stands beside of me. You’re not in that position now.”

Moses controlled his anger and replied, “Sorry brother, it’s my fault that I forget the oath again. Please permit me to follow you the rest. I’ll care about my emotion. Please…”

Khidr signals him to follow and both of them then reached a town. They’re hungry now and request the townsman to give them some food, but they refused. Then they found a collapsing wall and Khidr repaired it by his hand. Moses then advised him, “You could easily claim wages for that and it would help us to purchase some food.”

Khidr, the strange nomad of sea shakes of Moses’ hands and said, “O the commander of Banu Israel, now time is coming for parting each other, but before that, I wanted to explain my earlier actions to you, now perceived it carefully. I remove the plank of the boat to save it from the local King’s greed. He is a very greedy person and always robbed poor’s property. I guessed something fishy to see the bird that the King’s gang is now tramping and lurked here to loot the boat.


My second action of killing the boy is also not an incident. I knew about him to use my inference. His parents are a true believer but there is fear that this boy’s attitude perhaps appeared harmful at future. There is a chance of rebellion from the boy against his parent’s faith, so I killed him to avoid the further threat. You could tell that as unknown almighty signaled me to do this. Because the parents will get another child soon to the Almighty, he will send here for doing the righteous job. Killing is valid when it appeared a threat for doing something bad and harmful for people, I just followed the law here to save the righteousness.

And, the last action I did to save the hidden treasure, mining under the broken wall. Two orphan boys are the owner of this treasure. Their father was righteous and honest. It was necessary to save the treasure for the boys until they reached the mature age to find it here.

… we need knowledge to prove that reality exists but knowledge needs nothing here to prove itself. It is impersonal and non-relative to this all… Relativity means which is real and which is exists.

Dear brother, all these I did to use my previous experience, inference or reasoning about the issues. Yeah, Almighty guided me to do this, but the responsibility of these actions have to be mine. Suppose if anybody says that I’m doing wrong and injustice here, he can say like this but I think what I did is correct, because, my knowing consented me to do this. If anybody criticized me that I did bad things by the excuse of almighty, he can criticize this, even then I’ll consider it fair, because, my knowing assent me that what I did is just or correct. I’m docile to think myself correct, because my knowing is only mine, reasoning of the knowing is my own, consider the knowing and reasoning it as almighty’s plan is also mine, and the belief that “what I did is done to carry the unknown almighty’s order”… it is also been mine brother.


Your knowing is your responsibility, not for Him who stayed beyond over or outside this knowing. Because, you do not know Him certain, whom you yet not know certain how could He responsible for your certain action… and that’s the riddle of knowledge brother. I’m traveling here to know the unknown uncertain with all my responsible inference, comprehension, action and belief that He guided me to the rest to know Him.

Goodbye brother, perhaps this is our last meeting but not the last to search the unknown. Goodbye…”

The strange seaman soon vanished from Moses sight. The commander of Banu Israel glanced to the last moment until the strange knowledge-seeker is erasing to his sight forever, and then began walking with an even dizzier mind to think that, he has a lot to know and doing for Banu Israel.

So far you observed, as far the answer is. As far your answer, so far the knowing is.


Photo Credit: balkhand shambhala; talat halmanKhidr on pinterestwikiwand: Biblical Mount Sinai; Rembrandts jewish paintingspresbydestrian; what happened at mount sinaiexodus route; paintings of moses and exodus; moses and burning bush;

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