Chase behind the tireless ⇒ Kirno Sohochari

Today is a foggy midday of late winter. I’m walking alone in the rubber garden with an empty heart. Garden is deadly silent and I’m walking there like a mystic rambler. Bareheaded rubber trees lost their beauties in winter. Ripened leafs fall down to the ground then. Winter seems a death signal to the trees. They’re going naked then and wait for the warning bell of cuckoos to reborn again. Day is smoky with blanch mist and cuckoos are far behind from the scene. Singing bird is no more available anywhere in the silent garden.


Rubber garden is not its life at all.
Toxic smell of dry weeds and gloomy leaves
make the garden lifeless, dewdrops
spills silently to my head in a lifeless garden.
I’m not rest in my own now, and
heart is loaded with unspeakable pain.
I’m unspeakable now for the tranquility…

Tranquility is essential to release
anything “unspeakable”, anything ineffable,
I’m inept to release me now even to you! cause,
you are misfit to releasing me, cause,
you are not the same as you were once…

I am hardly struggling to adjust the reality but this torment heart preventing me to do that. Day is smoggy but the outer world is not like that. Everything is busy and begetting with multiplication there, because…

streets are not empty I know,
people are busy to buzzing their horn and flutes,
as they always used to buzzing themselves.

Snail-face people get tired in traffic but
they don’t bother it at all.

Market and multiplex are wadding with consumers
and elevator is not exceptional there…
every elevator is loaded with slim and fatty buttocks.

Senile patients look seized in hospital and
their body cell getting cold and
angel-like nurse and doctors are…
sweltering for backing them life again.

Robust politicians are thriving for power I know,
as they always thrived from the days
of our “Social Contract”.

Everything is follows to the life my dear, except me. Wretched fear and wickedness slowly detained me to the danger zone of life. It’s a shame that an unknown ghost silently possessed his dominance in my heart and pushed me to the edge of nothingness. The moment is dangerous when a ghost enters your house and suddenly you feel that he gets his dominance to you. The dominant ghost then started his argument with you:

“Tell me friend, what is the purpose of your life? Why you are in here?”

… life is a tireless racing and now the time is coming to chase it.

Answering his question is difficult, especially when you are passing a bad time and feeling boredom and pain in your heart. In spite, I try to answer him:


“I don’t know why I am here and for what purpose! Maybe my parents will answer it better than me. I come here to fulfill their desire. They are the reason of my existence. I had no intention to come here but they had. I the derivative of their love and desire. Perhaps the almighty knows why I am here. He expelled the first sinner from heaven, because they breached the roles. They’re my ancestors. It would be better if you ask them. They will answer it better than me.”

Day is foggy and…
I’m walking in the rubber garden
like a pointless Guy.

Ruthless ghost follows me
interrupts the silence often and often.
The feeling is disturbing
and painful.

My testicle is gets angered to see him
sadistic feeling captured the solo body,
but it is strenuous for me
to tease him.

Ghost is an aerial.
You cannot arrest him in a cage.
He is the part of your solitary body and
coming from the unknown eternity.

He is the Nightingale
who waits for the moment…
to confine you in prison.

He confines me when you and I get ready to bring a new life in this bizarre reality. Upcoming life is nothing different from a microchip. The tiny object is dancing in your belly now. I know you’re enthralled to hearing the kicking bit of that chip.

It’s certainly absurd, because you are eventful to hear the chirping tone, whereas a restless ghost is dancing in my head like the infamous Beelzebub. The notorious demon even reached at the rubber garden to follow me. His footstep is breaking the silence now. The demon is near to me with his deliberate snigger:

Hey! Why you are permitting a new life,
if you not know the purpose?

It’s a sin if you say that you’re not responsible for new life. You should know the purpose of life. Why you permit a life in God’s garden if you’re not concerned about it? Look at this rubber garden, the rotten rubber leafs are decomposing in the soil to serve a greater purpose. The decomposed leafs sacrifice their lives for restoration. They’ll help the rubber trees to reborn again. These bareheaded trees will soon back to the life with new branches of leaf, because…


Death is not eternal,
it is transitory.
Nothing in the garden is
permanently extinct by death, and will
back again with a new shape.

These decomposed leaves will not disappear from
the garden for their death or changes…
sacrifice is necessary to fertile the garden again.

If the rotten leafs are purposeful
to fertile the garden then why not you?

Today is a foggy midday of late winter. Sunlight is dimming like a diluted candle. The sticky latex is silently dripping from the rubber trees and stored in a container. The gardener will soon collect the stored milk to convert it a new shape. Alteration is necessary to gear-up the spooling tire of civilization.

Everything is moving in a circle of
change and reformation,
they’re moves and shifts for to create a new life.

Aligned Rubber trees are not eternal,
they’ll ruin by sudden moment.

Perhaps a sudden earthquake
will destroy them,
an industrialist could destroy it,
and the clever profit-maker would
come to a decision that,
a power plant is more profitable concern
than the rubber plant.

Selling energy is a new hype now. It’s essential to enlighten the human race. The wave of electric force will save them from savagery. I know the tall rubber trees are not permanent. They will disappear from the scene and perhaps used for another purpose.

I’m inept to release me now even to you! cause,
you are misfit to releasing me, cause,
you are not the same as you were once…

They will not vanish from the world but their atomic structure will transform in the flows of time. I will not strange if I see them in my drawing-room at future. It’s not an outlandish thinking that an archaeologist will discover them as fossilized materials in remote future. The shape of these rubber trees is temporal but their existence is eternal and this is the everlasting fact of reality.


Day is cold…
dewdrops silently bubbling in the lavender,
slowly drenching the spider net,
faint rays of sunlight spotting the net,
and the dewdrops are dancing like sparrows.

A fatty spider hanged itself on the middle of the net.
The little creature will no more exist in the net,
he will soak by the death after a short delay,
but the momentum of his death is not transitory,
it’s endless and repeated over in time.

My footprints in the garden will
wipe out soon…
but the walking moments
with a ghost is repetitive.

I’m not the exceptional. Thousands like me are walking with a ghost at this moment. Their heart is tampering with agony and footprints are repeatedly spotting the damp soil of late winter.

The ghost is perhaps the spirit of infamous Beelzebub. He constantly persuades me to give an answer of his silly question. I tell him:

“Millions of women bear the chips in their womb and doing it without any question. The parents in everywhere are not well concerned about the purpose of life but they like to play the game of reincarnation. They transferred their “self” to the reincarnated life and women are carrying it from the prehistoric age. I’m the ancestor of my past and following the route. My upcoming baby is the mirror of my temporal existence.

I’ll vanish soon and not vanish ever yet,
body is washed-out from the surface
and will reincarnate again in woman’s womb…
a life is dancing in her cave and
she is captivated to birth me again.

I’m not interested to know the purpose of life, because it is temporal, but the reincarnation is eternal. Everything is dying and reincarnated in the surface. Now please leave me alone and try to handle it to my own.”

Hey! Why you are permitting a new life,
if you not know the purpose?

The demon is laughing to hear me…

You the swindler!
Everything in world is purposeful and
you cannot refuse it.
If you’re not interested in purpose
then why came here!
You the lonely beast,
unable to synchronizes a “self” in a circle.

You’re a bad conductor,
yet unaware, to conduct an orchestration.

Conductor does know,
how to balance the tune of
love with the notation of desire.

You the escapist and have a
great fear to confront the monotony.

Life is painful when we think that it is imperious and we can purchase it at free of cost. Life is not a gratis thing and you’re not free from the burdens that life demands to you. The purpose of life is to carry the burden my friend.

You act like an escapist by transferring the burden to the other, pretentious with false excuse that, reincarnation will save and keep alive you in future. You try to escape the fact that the upcoming life is your responsibility and you’re accountable to handle this.

Now get up from here and go back to your life partner. She is waiting for you. The birth moment is knocking at the door. She needs to visit the doctor. Leave this cursed garden and go back to your partner soon.


Today is a midday of late winter and I walk alone in the cursed garden with an optimistic phantom. He advised me to leave this garden and back to the cycle again. I was coming here to hide forever but this is not possible. This garden is the part of human territory. It’s not far behind from the society where I used to live.

The aligned rubber trees are not wild
and outsize as I think, They are
obedient to the gardeners.

The milky rubber scum is dutiful
to the civilization.

Garden is silent now but
it’s not solitary.
A bareheaded rubber tree keeps values
to the profit makers, because…
rubber is the link of economic junction.

The garden is decorative. The owner cleverly invested his money to make profit. Even the honeybees and cuckoos are decorative. These little creatures are ornamental to serve the purpose of ecosystem. The garden is not secluded as I think.

Nothing is secluded and impregnable
in this tiny earth, except the big universe, where
trillions of dead stars are waiting to be reborn.

Looks through the sky,
covered with cloudy mist,
looks mystic and magical.

Dimming rays of trillions stars are
hide behind this magical sky.


Suddenly I hear the crunching tune in the garden. I turned back and startle to see a brown fox beside my tireless footsteps. The pity animal licking my shows on sudden moment and then get down to the sloping ground of the garden. Perhaps his nose gets the smell of some food.

You the escapist and have a
great fear to confront the monotony.

The fox is a hungry creature and always like to be hungered. It is a good habit to be hungered for the life or anything else. I feel pleasure to see the running fox.

The brown tail of the fox moves ups and down
like a sharp whip,
appears amazing to me.

I quickly bent down me
and chasing the brown fox.

Since, life is a tireless racing and
now the time is coming to chase it.

Tranquility is essential to release
anything “unspeakable”, anything ineffable,…


Photo Credit: newsroom24bdramu rubber gardenWinters Pathway : Becky Wheller; henri vanvliet: wildlife; The last road: fineartamericaSmoking Is Bad: Stephanie Louden;