Rhythmic Eternity ⇒ Kirno Sohochari

Music is eternal in all over the world. The soul-pleasuring beauty and philosophic tranquility of music probably one of the most influential artistic experience ever invented by human. Music conveys sound, converts the sound to rhythm, compose it by tune and weaving the tune such an ease… that is capable to resonate a speechless feeling of universal assimilation of sorrow and happiness. Our existence resonates by the beats of noise, vibrated by the noise-frequency and assimilated into the jingle of tone or accented harmony to colorize the existence itself.


Music most probably the best medium that allowed us to relate anything by both diversion of verbal and non-verbal signal of communication. Music can talk by words without deliver a single word, on the other hand, it is able to offer words to create the silence, where our mind provoked to drown itself into the thousands log deeper feeling of a wordless world. The mathematical notation of music and its objective is truly dedicated for the feelings that, music is one of the strongest symphonies to realize the orchestration of nature and its relation to the existence.

Perhaps Goethe once praised architectural arts as a sample of universal frozen music, and perhaps he was the first modern artists who titled Literature as “World Literature”, because the true expression of a literary work is beyond over the border in spite of its linguistic barricade.

All these movements are strangely tonal, rhythmic and certainly orchestrated by musical harmony.

Yeah, he is no doubt correct in his statement, but music probably further cosmopolitan, worldwide or universal. Goethe’s “Faust” self is the instant example. His epic is not significant just for its rhetorical dialects, nor for the philosophical “Self Quest” only… the dialogues makes incredible polyphony in his poetic gestures and that the beauty of this masterpiece. “Faust” is truly musical by its architectural anatomy, despite its massive assembling of words and dialects.


Readers read the passages of Goethe’s work, they silently follow the soliloquy of Faust or Mephistopheles and excited by the dual conversation of these characters, where duality possessed the reader’s mind silently, but is that all to justify Goethe’s Faust? The consequences of this rhetorical (philosophical yet) epic is a perfect example for “playing with thoughtful words in literature”, but “Faust” do even more to create the silent passages, where words are twisted and distorted constantly by the musical orchestration, where the wave of musical feelings itself make and renovate “Faust” for the greater harmony of nature and everything. Any good piece of arts contained the polyphonic tonality, rhythmic movement and harmonized symphony, and yonder musical beauty make the art-craft valued or influential for human knowledge.


We see Faust to realize at end (last chapter of the play: second part) that, the desire of humanity is associated to the desire of orchestrated goodness against the evil desire of egoistic mastery. Nature is harmonious with good-and-bad, where human are the part of this great orchestration, where we are not the master of it, but we can partake the orchestration as a composer of harmony, and that’s the meaning of life, which was probably begins here by the massive noise.

It was horrific indeed but the beginning motion or fusion of life had its own rhythm and music also to carry all these things in the universe… and yonder noisy explosion was the first movement of life-music indeed.

Movement of life begun here a million years ago, when we were boiling in thousand-degree Kelvin and gradually reformed to the life. The prime moment of creation fulfilled with sounds and movements of particles and atoms. We are an atomic creature. The life of inert and alive objects depends on to the rhythmic movement of atom and particles.


We have no need to be a physicist to realize the things. We see it in our daily life. Chanting of birds and animals, sounds of water, conduction and transition of clouds, —all of them tell us the beauty of movement, interaction of movement and collides or contraction of the visible and invisible objects of the universe. All these movements are strangely tonal, rhythmic and certainly orchestrated by musical harmony. We human are not separate to the scene. Our activities always create some extraordinary musical movement and that is meaningful. Music is one of this. Who first invent the whispering beauties does not matter anything here. Fact is that we achieved the chirping tone of birds. Music is the inhaler and we inhale it to recover our soul.


However, today’s music has many genres. Musical instruments and vocals frequently exchanges with each other. We ought to remember, music and notations begins when we were in jungle passed our life by embracing the beauty and thrill of nature. Nature creates rhythm and we swilled it. Urban life also creates various tunes every day and we use them to create new test of music, but the basic beats of music still produced where we are closer to the life-evolved nature.


The modern music builds its monumental architecture based by the foundation of Folk music. Folk tone is natural and vibrant. We modernized it to meet the demand of modern listeners to hear something new. It’s the reality of modern times that we have no choice here at all. We parted ourselves from the original. Forest and ocean are now melting and going to be death by the moment. Birds and animals have no alternate choice to escape the reality. We fixed their fate in genetic farming. The planet once begun with nature and it will decades due to human’s imprudent activities of manipulating the nature. We break the chain of “Darwinian Principle” and never could return to the past, when nature and human was harmonized in a single notation of “Nature’s Economy”.

Music is the inhaler and we inhale it to recover our soul.

However, time is coming to preserve original to serve our own interest. Perhaps it would be “African” or “Bengali” and maybe any other part of the world. We need to preserve all our efforts for greater interest of human civilization. “Foli: There is no movement without rhythm”, a minute document of African nature-evolved and nature-bonded rhythmic life reminded the truth again. The documentary is a reflection about the fundamental originality of Afro music, where we get about the clear picture of African nature oriented lifestyle, its rhythmic diversity and massive influence on World’s music.

A day will come when we have no choice rather to exit the planet. When we will start the journey to an unknown planet, it’s not absurd that we loaded our suitcase with the happiest things we enjoyed here. This little video footage of independent filmmaker Thomas Roebers will perhaps accompanied one by these days of exit.

… music is one of the strongest symphonies to realize the orchestration of nature and its relation to the existence


Youtube Link: Foli: There is no movement without rhythmDirected by: Thomas Roebers


Photo Credit: Faust and Mephisto; Faust the film 1926; Baul dance