Geminated mind or Fictional Reality ⇒ Kirno Sohochari

My mother once said to me, ‘Life is not a fiction my boy. It’s not fictional as you think.’ Long days have passed and yet life seemed fictional to me.

Fiction means something that is imaginative, that look as if real but not, that is actually not true but looking truthful. Fiction tells more about which we named and believed as real.

We are borne here that is real, sprouted aged and died here be real, but why we lived here and by which process manifests our living in here as real… is not real, whilst we imagine manifestation as fictional and explained it by fictional.

Description of reality is accountable to the description of construable words and that is fictional, insofar we construed the fictional words as so far the reality is. Reality is the fictional interpretation of real… pro tanto… so far the fiction allowed us to imagine and interprets everything.


What is the meaning of “everything”? What does it mean when we say, “Everything is existed here throughout the interlinked connection of everything?” What do we mean by this when we ask our own self, “Everything is real and true owing to the relativism of everything”? What does “connection” really means by? What do we actually mean by “relativity or relativism”? Do they have carried anything explainable, denoted and be the meaningful? What is the meaning of “meaningful”? What do we mean by meaning? Is it the assembling of sentences in methodical fashion by syllables and words? Or else it is an essence of those assembled words to tell something about real?

The reality of real never could be explainable without question, where question is always fictional, where the existence of everything, relativity and interaction of everything for doing everything waits to be explained, characterized or featured by fictitious curiosity that, “why this everything is existed here and for what purpose.

Existence of entity could not spell out as real if none is provoked to imagine and imaging, questioning and questing, inferring and experimenting, discovering and inventing, and finally depicted the whole sequence as a witness of real entity, … and that is fiction; where it is necessary to examine the substance of real and be the existence.


Reality is a nature-animated machine, animates and automates by the animated laws of nature, where substances are germinates here to follow the rules of game. Things, stuffs, elements, matters and substance… the literal meaning of all this word treated as synonymous, identical or equal to the nature-animated machine. The machine is impartial about the meaning but not aloof to the law that make doable the reality to fill by visible and invisible stuffs, machine is not apathetic in action to bring everything in life-and-death cycle and to bulge out everything for extension and reduction.

Nature is unconscious and unconsciously animated here according to the law of automation. The plant, bird and animal species are not concerned about the reality but playing their rule as a part of it. In that sense, this creature is a comatose part of nature-animated unconscious machine except human being. He is the comatose part also but always tried to wake him up… to console him that the nature-animated machine is not fictional and he is the “conscious” part of the non-fictional reality.

Be aware of yourself as a conscious part of reality is certainly fictional, where consciousness is coming to the mind through the duality that, “I’m real or not and everything in my surface is truly existed or not.” In that case, nature-evolved reality is not identical to the fiction-evolved reality. Fiction animated-machine is not an automation of reality like nature. Human being invented the fictional machine to prove that he is conscious about the unconscious activities of self-operated nature-machine and could understand laws of the machine.

Fictional machine is not natural but dependable to imagine, imaging and interprets the automation of nature-machine.


Fiction is the reasoning of reality. Nature’s laws are passive and incurious about reason or reasoning the action of anything in reality, but the rule of fiction is opposite there. Fiction creates reason and reason is fictional to the condition that, existence of anything never be explainable if it not stated as explainable by reason. Reality exists when anything is existed here, and it is not existed if nothing is existed there. Reasoning is the only way here to understand the fictional nature of life and reality.

The conviction in reality is not different to the conviction that reality is a created event; it was somehow happening autonomously or maybe happened by somebody. The belief of Creation and the conviction of Creator are identical in context of reality’s existence, because both beliefs are fictional reasoning that “to be or not be”. The creation of everything as real to be an autonomous incident, to be an autonomous Creator created it, or both of the reason is not to be true. Reality is not the guarantor of Creator and be the fiction too. Fiction helps us to reasoning the reality, but hasn’t helped us to confirm the reality and its creator.


An intelligent debater once said to me, “Look, reality is a fictional reasoning of mind. Suppose, when you drive by the question that by how everything created here to be real, then you have two options in your hand, where you have to choose one of them. One is, everything is creates by the “massive fusions of energies which you named by big bang” or by the “mystic desire of an unknown mind, who was wished to create” the reality.

Both options are equally true and false here, because creation needs witness, because nobody was present at the beginning moment of creation, that’s why it is false. On the other hand, you cannot deny that somehow everything exists, integrates and interacts here as real, which was created once, so that you cannot claim creation as false. Both are fictional reasoning of your mind.

Now, it’s up to you to choose and trust one of them as reliable and logical than other. Albeit, both options are fictional, where one is reasoning by the “belief” that “A supreme mind creates all this stuffs and the reality” too, whereas another is reasoned the creation in mathematical model and pragmatic thought-experiments, but not sure about the “creator” of this created reality.

And now, if you wanted to deny both fiction then you have needed new fiction to reasoning the reality, in fact it has to be stronger than the both options I mentioned here. Otherwise, you are bound to choose and trusted one of them in context or reality-paradox.

Our perception and belief about real is true after the moment when it begins, but the previous scenario (before moment of this beginning) is mystically fictional. You can reason the previous in many ways but all this are fictional and that is the big problem of reality. We have no option to believe that, we’re walking along the reality to believe that it is real and constantly tried to imaging or featuring it by the fictitious mind, and that is reality”.


Dear Mother, once you warned me about to remember the difference between Reality and Fiction, once you forbade me to believe in fiction, and I know why you forbade me to doing this. This life is geminated by the rules of gene-biology and social-contract, where the body is enslaved to the genetic rules and mind is bended to the electronic reaction of brain-signals due to the reflections of outer world action on its. I know we are bended, slanted and genuflected to obey the rules of game that, never try to leap over the fence of reality and never do to mixed your fictional charade to the straight-line-reality, else you will be destroyed by your own fault.

Yeah, reality is simple when anybody takes to decide it simple that, he will never think of it further and just played to it as it is. Maybe the policy is best to survive but difficult to play, as I’m yet not able to play it very well. Pardon me mother, reality is still enigmatic to me with its reality and I’m walking along the maze to remember your lucid face… which perhaps the only reality that is non-fictional.

…Fiction means something that is imaginative, that look as if real but not, that is actually not true but looking truthful…


Photo Credit: pinterest: photography-colour; Surreal Photography: Tommy ingbergBrooke Didonato: Blurs The Line Between Fiction And RealityFictional Reality: Sino-French Digital Art; Quotes: lolsotrue; Cynical Quotes: pinterest