Oddments thoughts of “Being” and The Point of No Return ⇒ Kirno Sohochari

Being: I am “Being”, the beginning that is yet unfinished and incomplete. I’m not here to see me complete but eager to know that “who am is and where the beginning is”.

Knowing: I the “Knowing”, quest for know the “Being”. Albeit, it’s not a necessity to know “who the Being is”, rather than it’s more important to quest “why the Being is here rather to be nowhere.”

Acting: I’m “Acting”, an accidental fact. I could belong anywhere or be nowhere, but it is necessity to accept I am acting here to complete something that deserves completeness.

Edging: Am the “Edging”, thirsty to swill that is complete. Completeness means erosion and erosion means melts or evaporates anything that is complete for no return here again.

Ending: I’m “Ending”, the simple conclusion for acted Being. I’m certain to destroy everything that is “Being” and that might be completed or might be not.


Being: I am not sure about objectification of mine, albeit it’s necessary for me to objectify mine, because I acted here in life.

Knowing: That is the essentiality, to objectify the Being, so that it could help me to know “why Being is here” and “for what purpose.”

Acting: Purpose holds me to act and my acting as a Being is the limit of my knowing.

Edging: Knowing is existed here because of me. I swill purpose so that a new purpose could begin here for Knowing.

Ending: I’m the finisher of that is now Edging and it is incomplete until my final stroke.


Ending: Does am the limit of Being? I’m not sure yet, because every Ending is the starter of a new beginning.

Edging: I’m avid to absorb the acted “Being”, avid to vanish it to the landscape, so that Ending could swill it forever, but somehow “Being” has resistance to back again at new form to act again.

Acting: I’m perhaps the everlasting fact for “Being”, that means I’m continuing here over-and-again even seized by the repetitive cycle of Edging and Ending.

Knowing: I’m continued until Acting is continued as an actor of “Being”.

Being: Knowing about the Being is endless as endless the Acting is, as deathless the Edging and Ending is, and infinite the beginning of beginning is. Everything is “Acting” in here or somewhere or nowhere as a “Being”, and that is the infinite beginning of everything “Being”.


Photo Credit: Door of no return_1Door of no return_2; Anna Maria: Door of no return_3; Papercraftography: The point of no return;

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