A song and the melancholic beauty of life ⇒ Kirno Sohochari

Sometime I think, “What will happen next if we omit the Blues and Jazz from American multi plural culture!” When a Blues or Jazz tune coming from anywhere of the world we are inundated to hear the simple tunes. Probably we don’t feel any disturbance in that time of listen the song. The blood-sucked history of these music genres perhaps not hammered us too.

Music was a medication in the past. The Red Indians and Mayans used to do this. They used it for healing the sick person. Blues and Jazz appeared a healer to the Black people in 19th and early 20th centuries. They invented and inhaled it to forget the injustice and burdens they have got from their White Masters.


Life was not easy in New Orleans, where the Afro-American community started to express their feelings of love and regrets with Trumpet and Accordions. Blues and Jazz is purely an African object. This object is a reminder of the lamenting memories who once caught in Africa and then ought to travel in America as slave. When an Afro-American sing this tune, it could be difficult for him to forget the brutal past of slavery.

… Readers, you are invited to listen the famous “Handshake” again before destroying your peace to chase behind the daily burdens…

Blues is truly relates with the passion for love and indeed the burden of daily life. Jazz tries to lighten the burden with its own style of presentation, but facts is that, memories are sleeping underneath the blankets. When I listen any Jazz or a Blues tune my memories utterly affected by the sadness that these two genres still not express them politically.

The nature of Jazz and Blues don’t feel comfort to express them rebellious. Singer always tunes the song with sad or cheering mind, albeit a gray line is silently sleeping in there. Perhaps it would be telling us that, life is not easy to carry on but we people are destined to effort this with great exertion.


Blues and Jazz have a long list of great singers from Louis Armstrong to B.B King, albeit here I pick only one from the thousands. My selected song is familiar to Jazz listeners. Yeah, I choose Louis Armstrong’s most enthusiastic but melancholic song “What a wonderful world” before begins my busy and tireless day.

Time changes rapidly. It’s a tough combat to keep your feet in the ground by handshaking with people. However, Louis Armstrong believed on it and we should believe. Readers, you are invited to listen the famous “Handshake” again before destroying your peace to chase behind the daily burdens.

Link of the song: What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong


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