Bewildered compromise in nightmare ⇒ Kirno Sohochari

You seated in front of me,
picked up my hand, and
blamed me to cheat you.

You looked gloomy, albeit
tender eyebrows flamed in comfort.

I’m trying to read the confusion in your face,
some kind of relief was hidden there,
suddenly I felt,
“true meaning of relation is
compromise and nothing else.”

It was the midsummer evening.
I tried to taken away my wet hand from
your thumbs and failed to do that.

A voice then came across a thousand distances,
owner of the voice whispered to me
“break-up a relation is easy,
but it’s not an easy matter to forget it.”

The evening slowly turned into reddish circle, 
looking your eyebrows I murmured,
“Let compromise”.


Stars are devilish and night is starry.
We are walking along the riverside,
gentle river-breeze flows down to your tarsus.
You’re tender in smile,
shine like a devil star.

Stars are infinite devilish.
One is brightest,
kissing you over-and-again.

Am beside you,
gets hurry to save your smile,
save you from the starling kisses of devil…

“Careful honey,
dead star now kissed you,
cover your face,
it’s unlike a bad night for us.

Stars are devilish.
Dead stars chased you.
Cover your face before trapped by the ghost.


Night is starry and you shined like a dead star, looked throttled to hear the warning bell. River-wind soon entered your under-garments. You are vivid, hungered for a vivid eternity, turned in reddish for eternity, “Don’t talk nonsense. Enjoy the moonlight. I don’t see anything except the shiny stars. You confused everything. Enjoy the beauty. I wished to keep the night memorable, so don’t raise silly words please.”

Night is shiny with fluorescent stars.
Stars are devil-worshiper, shimmered like devil.
The brightest of them disappeared many years ago,
appeared again here travel millions light years.

It’s unlike a bad nightmare that we trapped by ghosts.
Your beauty in moonlight is dazzling,
reddish lips perished by dazzling kisses of a phantom.

I’m grudged,
burst a million tears
holds you to my chest.

My heart is trembled,
trembled hear the
roaring voice in deep inside,
start kissing you; bite your crimson
like a Gorilla.

Night is starry and a Gorilla
bites your reddish flame repeatedly,
deeply drowned to your crimson glamour.

Your under garments yet dry and shiny,
silly star hanged in corset.

A strange feeling comes to the riverside.
A deported soul burst his tears,
conferred him to your corset.


Situation is awkward. An un-rehearsed act happens there. The madman dipped in your corset like the starry ghost. Your voice floods over him, “You are a devil, cause, you don’t trust me. Trust could be never sold and purchased. However, I’ll wait for the day when you sense the meaning!”

Night is starry and your voice is magical,
strange dark wind rises from the river,
starry star soon hide in dark
but the brightest among them
still shining like a devil in shaded sky.

My heart burst by millions tears,
“Forgive me dear,
I never trust anybody.
I feel content if I can,
but it’s not my fault.
We lost our trust in heaven,
lost it when exiled from heaven!

My dear, we the ancestor, …
appeared once in God’s asylum,
and then lost our faith to Him

… It’s unlike a bad nightmare that we trapped by ghosts…


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