Street Art and the passerby’s annotation ⇒ Kirno Sohochari

Passersby’s annotation_1
What a world! People yet shows placard to achieve freedom! They use the tool to protect their freedom from unwanted censorship of open speech, thoughts, expression and lot other issues. People move to the street, fights and battle against the society-imposed law, forbidden custom and state censorship. They hoist their placards on a procession, disseminate the message that “don’t muzzle me, let back my personal freedom for the sake of human rights and openness.”

Freedom of Choice, Streetart_1_1

A placard reflects people’s eagerness to achieve and preserve their own freedom. However, do we consider freedom as the savior to freed people from the foremanship of a society? Is it capable of destroying unwanted surveillance and forced censorship of state? Placard exposes people’s eagerness to recover their personal rights of free speech, free thoughts and so on, but is it enough to freed people from the systematic exploitation, designed and implemented by the totalitarian authorities?

People recover their rights through protest or encounter, but exploitation belongs there even after the recovery of freedom. Does freedom help people to cut down the system that is perhaps the root cause of all evil action taken by the leaders and officials of society and state? Does it have an ability to prevent evil tricks, since these tricks frequently imposed to muzzle people’s access to freedom?

Man-made freedom is the systematic repetition for the systematic exploitation of human and nature even, where desire is unlimited and choice is limited according the rules of game, where unlimited desire always see itself in a battle with the defined limited desire.

Placards tell about the objective of any procession or protest but not say anything about the pre-designed and methodical proforma of freedom. It doesn’t ever question itself that what be the meaning of freedom under an authoritative society, where every personal right depends on to the authoritarian approval, which stayed far away from the nature-approved authority? The human concept of freedom was the first separation of human from the nature-bonded concept of freedom, liberty, and independence.

Nature is not free but autonomous in its chain of action and that makes nature free to take any action without parting itself to the fundamental natural laws, where everything is connected and interdependent on a chain. Human conception of freedom separated itself to the autonomous laws of nature. The concept designed and rectified here only to serve the purpose of systematic exploitation of society-oriented people, where proforma of freedom follows the basic norms of Social Contract.

Freedom of Choice, Streetart_3_1

Personal freedom of speech or anything like that needed authoritarian consent, where authority represents the discourses of freedom under a human-invented system such as capitalism, socialism, and lot other isms; where it is predefined by the rules of a game that practice of personal freedom is allowed here under surveillance of state and societal authority. Surveillance is mandatory here for the sake of Social Contract, made once to gather human race in oneness under authoritative leadership.

Freedom is not freedom when it represents authority when it is depended on to the endorsement for its mobility. Placards show the rage of people but it failed to change the system once made by Social Contract and now developed further to enslave people’s body-mind biology into the money-oriented society, where range or access to freedom relate to the patterns of money-making business and breadwinning battle of life.

Street graffiti by elusive graffiti artist Banksy is seen on a wall in central London

The placard can show its objection against the man-made system but unable to achieve real freedom by destroying the system as a whole. People display placards despite informed about the fatal truth that, —freedom is not existed in anywhere. Human invented the concept of freedom that was created once only for human, now used by human and restricted or manipulated by the human as well. It is artificial, an artificiality against natural concept that, —you can stay freed under the integrated chain of necessity; Charles Darwin once named it “the economy of nature”, in where natural creature is interdependent, interconnected, interfused to play the interlude “stay connected and use each other without any consent of any authority”.

People recover their rights through protest or encounter, but exploitation is belongs there even after the recovery of freedom.

Yeah stay connected, and preserves your own interest for the greater sake of survival and adaptation in nature. Maintain the interconnected usability between all creatures is more meaningful than the placard-show of so-called rights, made by human race under the hegemonic system. Man-made freedom is the systematic repetition for the systematic exploitation of human and nature even, where desire is unlimited and the choice is limited according to the rules of a game, where unlimited desire always sees itself in a battle with the defined limited desire.

Freedom is not natural. Nature not freed by freedom regards the autonomy. Everything is rotating here in an autonomous cycle, where one’s chance of survival and freedom depends on to the other’s chance of survival. Nature is not interested in freedom, but conscious to maintain the dependency chain and choices among all natural stuff.

However, humankind is the part of nature but separate to the nature in the context of freedom and choice, where limited choice imprisoned the unlimited desire, and despite this, human wanted to be free and liberated in any condition. That’s why it is essential for a human to raise the question over-and-again that, how freedom feel to the human?

Freedom of Choice, Streetart_10

Passersby’s annotation_2
Human life generates by nature and evolved here as natural Beings; despite this, a human is the only Self who is not purely natural in consideration of other creature. Nature is not man-made but Human Nature is entirely man-made. He is the creature who manipulates his own life by his own effort.

Freedom of Choice, Streetart_26_1

It is essential for a human to break the system that tries to define and ascribes the pace of life. It’s indispensable for a human to hit the tradition that strives fixed the definition of life, attempts to customize anybody’s life against its natural habit, and always manipulates society-oriented life according to its ethical conviction. That is call system, which can appoint itself for the systematic exploitation of human-Self, the passerby tried to discuss this in his first annotation.

A system needs a reality check if we wanted to mention the necessity in a modest sense; albeit it’s essential to fuck the system most of the time as graffiti artist tried to say. Because, a man-made system always tries to supersede the basic agreement of Social Contract as a manipulator.

Freedom of Choice, Streetart_17_1

System manipulates people face the same, invent laws for people the same, define ethics that how people should behave and what be the best for them. Anyway, a system is inevitable for human, because Homo sapiens used to live the societal life as well for survival and adaptation.

It is needed here operates the society-man according to necessity and harmony; but it should sapient to consider the members in light of equality, justice, and openness; the system should be modified itself to build a flat platform for all the society members rather be dominated them to serve to mean interest for some group or person. It should maintain its openness to all; should be accountable to all; otherwise, human beings feel threatened and endangered, where doubt leads them to the street-art-sequences.

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When system stated rigid to its conviction, doubt increases to the parallel that perhaps tries to say: “I’m nobody, who are you? Are you nobody too?

Freedom of Choice, Streetart_12_1

Passersby’s annotation_3
A system doesn’t work when it tries to convince Human-Self believes that obedience is patriotism to serve the nation as a citizen and to save state interest. The whole system in a society seemed dysfunctional when it uses the patriotism as tools to promote aggressive nationalism against its opponents.

Freedom of Choice, Streetart_11_1

The totalitarian state system uses the patriotic sentiment as a tool to exploit its citizen in case of promoting conservatism, apartheid, sectarian communal conflicts, ethnic riots and cleansing and many other purposes.

System perhaps appeared defunct when its wording follows the domination and deviations principle… that is remote to the basic spirit of Social Contract. Wording should reconsider here to say, “Yes, Obedience is not patriotism” to justify citizen’s patriotic nationality for his homeland.

Freedom of Choice, Streetart_11_2

Obedience is not the assurance of patriotic loyalty, rather than it reflects the status quo of society or individual, where citizen’s body and mind enslaved to serve the state with a silent face.

So-called obedient patriotism is ideal for the state and its interest group to installed and manipulate the system according to their self-interest, where state organizes its machinery to disseminate the army alert for a citizen that “shut up and consume”.

Freedom of Choice, Streetart_9_1

Passersby’s annotation_4
Life is an everlasting curiosity to know the unknown under risk of societal surveillance.

Freedom of Choice, Streetart_14_1

In where mind deserves itself to walk in the desirous …

Freedom of Choice, Streetart_4_1

In where dream declares it real freedom saying that…

Freedom of Choice, Streetart_15_1

Yeah, “free your mind” for life’s sake and nature too.

… System manipulates people face the same, invent laws for people the same, define ethics that how people should behave and what be the best for them…

Street Art_25, Banksy, Parking_2

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