Mindstate of a restful mind ⇒ Kirno Sohochari



The restful state of mind, staying in organized and ordered-state before appear to wheel the scheduled ambition of life. Restful state often noticed in morning, it could see at evening and usually in late night.


Glance of the movement of a restful mind. Mind move towards ambition, generally noticed in noon, sometime late noon and occasionally in early night. The movement reflects the higher peak of ambition. Mind motivated itself own to climb the peak at any cost. Even though, desire of higher peak not certainly predictable. Restful mind can take wrong path (such as the bottom-corner) to think that, it be the exact road to reach the ambition. Ambition is an unstable riddle due to the uncertain movements of mind.


Ambition needed restless hitchhike of mind towards all possible (even impossible) positions. Aimed mind replace the restful middle position and try to split the position by continual ups-and-down. State of mind is confusing here.

An aimed mind could stand several points there; it could stand in upper, tended to be triangle by right or left and, be down to the bottom too. What position is perfect here to handle the ambition is tough to guess, because in this state mind tried to back the restful middle position perchance. Mind state_3 reflects confusion rather than fixation and commonly appeared in any time of the day.


Confusion breaks previous states of mind. It breaks the restful state first, and then breaks the equilibrium tendency of state 2 and 3. The whole mind gets new motion of chaos here. Mind state_4 represents the chaos where mind moves arbitrate motion. It creates lot patterns to grasp the desired ambition. This state is totally unpredictable and aggressive by patterns of action. Uncertainty could appear at any moment. Restful morning could suddenly disorganized by the patterns. Aimed evening or midnight, and even in late-night sleep could abrupt by the random patterns of ambitious mind. Mind splits and broken by many pieces here and restful middle line of state_1 signal disappear tendency.


When mind is chaotic everything could go to be messy and intended to cross the frame or maybe bounce in middle with inactive silence, and that be the end state of a restful mind, stated silent in infinite white space.

… Ambition is an unstable riddle due to the uncertain movements of mind…