No, Not yet ⇒ Kirno Sohochari

Departure arrested me in midnight lane. A rainy departure seized me in the middle of a lane; handcuffed my life at midnight. Moment is alluring by bleary departure. None is seen over there, except the street dog. My departure is alluring now by the presence of a rain-soaked street dog in midnight lane. Street dogs make no difference to the midnight lane. Dog is dog, stayed in a lane to arrest somebody departures. An amusing beast is now arrested me in alluring presence of none.

She is female; looked rubicund to see me arrested in a midnight lane. Her name is Sirius, because all rubicund dogs are Sirius. They looked blushing in midnight like the brightest hunter of the sky.

No, Not yet_1

Rain soaked Sirius always looked rubicund in a midnight lane. Her blushing eyes are blinking to see me seized at midnight. She is rain-soaked, hugging my shoes like the huntsman Sirius. Midnight is the other name of departure. It can arrest anybody sudden, as cardiac arrest seized anybody sudden. The moment could be morning or be the evening when we take a walk for rest in solitude.

Female Sirius now hugged me for departure. She arrested me before I covered my life in slicker. I’m naked in midnight, captured naked  by the brightest life-hunter of the sky, and impotent to say the word “No”.

No, Not yet_2

Yeah, “No” is the only weapon smashing handcuff. Saying “No” perhaps the only rejection to the life-hunter Sirius, but it’s hard to say “Not yet”, because torrential rains are falling to omit the bleary surface.

Departure arrested me in midnight lane, before I use the weapon to say “No, not yet”.

Departure is a dream, a life-dream to escape the life-long race of life. I’m not a good racer, even though like to see me in a race of attack and terror. Blazing sunlight attacks me to run, when kites are flying in the hot sky. I’m not a good runner indeed, even though loving dream to become a lifelong runner.

I’m not a midnight dreamer but a day-dreamer indeed. Dream tells me, run my boy, run under the restless gunfire and bombshell. Air attack seized me at noon. I hide me in the pillar seeing the drones just remote to my window, the droning flier just humming to seize me in a lifetime cardiac rest.

No, Not yet_4_1

It’s hard to avoid the drones saying “No, not yet”, because drones is a humming ghost, an incorporeal shadowman; drones is the everlasting departure to complete the mission of life-race.

Departure is the sweetest dream to omits me from the surface by sudden. I love to see me omitted from the breakfast table…by sudden, omitted from the working desk… by sudden, and from the dining hall or night-bed… be sudden. Sudden reminds me I’m nowhere.

Yes I was in my home little moment earlier, watching terrorist attacks in television, thrilled by the adventure of life-threatening hide-and-seek game between terrorist and armed forces; and little moment later I’m staying nowhere with no regrets and hurry to run behind the race of life.

No, Not yet_6

I like to say “No, not yet” to the terror, who kills me every day at morning-lane, hijacked me at noon, stabbed me at evening lane and seized me in midnight. I like to throw my everlasting “No” to the midnight Sirius and noon-time drones; however, it’s hard to stop the greedy life-hunters saying just, —“No, not yet.”

Footnote: Dedicated to Akira Kurosawa‘s memorable cinematic polyphony “Dream” and “Madadayo”, once watched the movies in silence to feel the meaning of life with memorable departure.

The second “Madadayo” meant a lot in Japanese contemplation, in where moment of departure asked to the animated and contemplative life, “Mada kai?” (means, “Are you ready to go? Ready for the departure?”), and life answered with its polyphonic tone, “Madadayo” (means, “Not yet!”), despite to know that, departure is inevitable before saying, —“No, not yet”.

… it’s hard to stop the greedy life-hunters saying just, —“No, not yet.”

No, Not yet_3

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