Flying to the dark ⇒ Kirno Sohochari

Waiting in darkness: VilexDarkness_1 (Waiting in darkness by Vilex

Don’t be afraid to discover you in dark. Darkness is a gift for you. Don’t be nervous when you are staying in a complete dark; just try to see the silent void, try to feel your presence in the void, and keep awakening your eyes unto the end. Darkness is the caller of eternal rest, resting in darkness with no regret and hurry. Keep calm in dark and just awakening your eyes for the eternal sunshine.

… … …

I Saw: Satyender YadavDarkness_2 ( )

  It’s not difficult to stay in the light, looking everything with such accuracy, is perhaps not so complicated in the light. Existence is readable in the realm of sunshine and magnified under the electrified reality of light. Light is confidence to breathing the life unto the end. Yeah, it is easy to see your face under myriad light-beams, but it’s even easier to stay in dark with purposeless face and silent eyes; easier to realize the fact that, life is the everlasting waiting for the meaningless light, standing on the dark stage of a meaningful darkness.

… … …

what can smes learn from the big boys: small business heroesDarkness_3 ( )

Hide your boot-faced existence to the light and opened it in the dark. Tried to look at your Gulliver’s height in the dark; tried to realize your dark long origin in the dark by standing on the Lilliputian stage of life. Tried to act like a stranger, to think about that, you are still a Lilliput with your boot-faced outfit in compare to the long dark Gulliver.

… … …

Kasimir Malevich: Black SquareDarkness_1 (Kasimir Malevich – Black Square)_1

Stay, are you feeling something? Are you feeling dizzy, seeing the blackboard in a square surface? Stay, try to remember that you existed on the horizontal surface with varied lightened faces, and I know, sometimes you like existed alone in a lonely square. That’s the reality of your life and that’s you; seated alone, just looking to the blank square with a stoical face; and seated there just like a purposeless stranger, to feel that you are Nobody to the inevitable blackboard, which is always stayed in you and in everywhere, to grasp the whole enlightened squares of your life. Stay still; don’t be afraid to seeing you seized by the black square. You are always born in the black, staying within the black, and trust me, you stayed there sans any reason or recognition of anybody.

… … …

NASA Photo: Google imagesDarkness_5 ()

Now you are at the peak of your destiny, fitted to watch the realm, in where dark and lights are eternal for each other. They are eternal to make you over-and-again. Don’t be afraid to feel your insignificance. Don’t be repentant to see the limitless significance of starry existence; just feel it in your heart, and prepared you for the ultimate flight; yeah, just thrown yourself from the mountain peak to take an eternal flight.

… … …