Momentary talks ⇒ Kirno Sohochari

Winter’s footfall knocking at my door: 
Ants are busy to conceal them in the mound. 
Taste a hot summer day. 

Death ripened in the paddy field
Winter is no more remote. 

A worm digs the winter cabbage
Love digs my heart cold. 

Hummock are covered with light fogs
My house is an orphanage for mosquitoes. 

The rubber tree drips milky latex
in my head: 
I feel shame to think about baldness. 

Trees feel emptied when winter comes
I feel spring to see the emptiness.  

Two snakes entangled in kisses
before waives their skin.
Winter is startin’. 

The cold wind blows on my neck.
Cuckoo barks, blossoms of Springtime
Royal Poinciana is no more remote. 

… … …

Momentary Talks_1

Source: YouTube; SC20’s channel; Rubber Tree Sap

Woodpecker relentlessly digs out worms
from the tree branch; the teller machine
patiently spits out money from its shithole. 

The mosque is full of aficionados  
Bees are buzzing over the beehive. 

What a joke!
Bomb blasts killed a child in Syria
The poacher hunts elephants for ivory in Africa. 

When mama cries, cuckoo tweets
If the baby’s papa cry, dog barks. 

“He is no more”
Sounds similar to 

Greene grass covers Father’s graveyard
A Butterfly hugs that blade of grass. 

Tiger is roaring somewhere,
Grandpa is roaring…
See the death angel beside him. 

… … …

Momentary Talks_3

Source:; Pileated Woodpecker

Crazy rain soaked two papaya trees
Two sunburnt women are walkathoner
Now walk beside the green papayas
with swinging Fannies. 

Lunatic is aloof to its rain-washed shithole
Babies always evacuate in babysitters’ lap. 

Raindrops from my window-hole
looks foggy.
Dog barks. 

Rain wipes out shit to the street 
My heart aches to think unwashed. 

Arum leaf oozing raindew
Caterpillar bites the leaf
My heartbeat pissed off. 

Raintree leaves know the tricks  
when evening sunlight withered into the river: 
Mesmeric for me who forget how to sleep! 

Each raindrop of arum leaf
I’m oozing. 

Autumn rain falls in catkins field 
Granny’s whitened hairs remind 
Stunting death of catkin’s beauty. 

… … …

Momentary Talks_4

Source:; Arctic Exploration; Photography: Vladimir Pushkarev

A room is empty means
It was filled by stuff just before. 

“The showpiece is out of stock”, said the shopkeeper
“Doesn’t matter, I’ll collect it from another stock”, 
I replied. 

The naughty dog follows me in the street
Insurance broker follows his clients. 

The biggest joke! 
A lizard tried to catch the mosquito
by sitting on a half-eaten apple. 

Bumblebee seated on my shoulder, 
a risky moment: 
Silence grasped the evening sunlight. 

Not funny when the mosquito bites
‘round-buttock’ beauty, the moment of
her enticing catwalk on the stage. 

Swarm-eaten arum leaf
A toad is ready to leap. 

Bare skin cinnamon tree startin’
spreads aroma on a hot summer day.
A perfumed woman startin’ melted
on a hot summer day, when she was
waiting for a taxicab stands beside the busy avenue. 

Doves startin’ whirls around the scarecrow
Mister and Misses are going out to see the paddy sheaves. 

A lorry truck turned upside down
on the busy metro evening,
Rickshaw puller laughs.
Mesmeric to think about the
decline and fall of the Roman Empire.

… … …

Momentary Talks_5


The sunny clouds are comin’ and goin’ like lonely thunder.
From where it comin’? Goin’ where?, I ask myself
Croak croak…, the rainy toad answered me by seated in its toadstool. 

A forest lizard changes its color instant on the papaya tree leaf.
From where the color comin’? Goin’ where? I ask myself,
Croak croak…, the rainy toad replied seated in its toadstool. 

Beetles and fleas eating cow dung with pleasure.
From where they are comin’? Goin’ where? I question myself,
Croak croak…, the rainy toad answered seated on the roof of its toadstool. 

Juvenile maiden bites ripened guava seated on the branch of a guava tree.
Her youngling breasts are swingin’ on each bite as if she is the ripened guava
From where she got the swingin’? Where it comes from? Goin’ where?
I interrogate,
Croak croak…, the rainy toad sounds from its tiny toadstool. 

Multicolored butterflies flying surround the tea leaves.
From where they are comin’ with these multicolors? Goin’ where?
I ask myself over again,
Croak croak…, the rainy toad leaps on the pond to its toadstool.

From where this chatterbox arrives? Now goin’ where?
I ask myself by seeing the jumping toad:
Torrential rainfall begins at this moment to stop me.  

… … …

Momentary Talks_6


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