Wintry moments ⇒ Kirno Sohochari

Feel cold see each other.
Winter sunlight thickened
in our dewy faces. 

The naughty worm tries
going deeper into the orange.
Winter yet not ripened. 

It was a winter midnight
Coriander leaves were wets in night dews.
Wet dream awakens me to see
white dew drops in my newborn pubic hairs. 

The orange tree
full of lassie oranges. 
Their virginity yet sour
for taste.

… … …

Momentos_1,, Photofraphy- Abdul Momin

Source: Source:; Photography: Abdul Momin

Much than half an hour:
A mosquito is trying,
bite the nipple of a deceased woman.
For more than an hour:
The newborn is trying,
bite its Mama’s teats. 

Some are budding blooms
Dancers of the mist. 

Some are droplets
Oozing overnight. 

Some are drunken sailors
Trumpets in the rain. 

Some are quavers
Quaves like the ducks.

Some are half-ripened
Tremble in the wind.

Some are well-ripened
Love, fall in the ground.

I see my all these in a mango tree,
When springtime Cuckoo tweets. 

A banyan tree is always
lonely to its superiority.
I recall God. 

Crimson banyan fruits entice my appetizer: 
I cannot eat the fruit for its bitterness.
A female Cuckoo grasped banyan fruit in its lips:
Leap to the sky just a minute before.
Evening sunrays silently captured the crimsoned moment. 

… … …


Source:; The lost art of federation: Australia’s quest for modernism

A crow takes its flight to the rooftop:
Apartment number 16,
Mr. X throws himself from his apartment window. 

The first raindrop of New Year drops in my head.
Our separation is near as near the windy rains. 

Rain is falling outside the railway station.
A happy couple seated beside abreast
in the waiting room, fingering
cellphone screen to ignore tedious raining outside.
The grasshopper jumps out for taking
a shower in the heavy rain down. 

… … …


Source:; Photography: Unknown

A sparrow reeling over the cell phone tower:
Ignorant about the fate of hearing impaired.
A recall of Christopher Columbus:
Indigenous Americans were reeling around him, as if,
he arrived from the infinite blue sky!
The luck finder then radiates his divinity to deafen them. 

A butterfly after its long migration from unknown
picked traffic police’s hat for a perfect landing:
The red signal flashes in the busy avenue…
Jam on road traffic starts. 

A hot summer day:
Sun is burning like the dried halogen.
Dry sunrays fall in the ripened fruit truck.
Feel immortality to see the formaldehyde mangoes. 

Little martin eating grains by seated on the car roof,
Unaware of!… 
The sudden upside down of human-driven vehicles. 

The hawk nibbles glassy skyscraper over again: 
He finds another hawk in there.
Poor Hawk! Unaware to the hoax:
He actually nibbling his own meme. 

A cloggy hot summer day:
Flies and ants are bustling over jackfruit peel.
I hear the rampage of worms below my father’s tomb.

… … …


Source: Google images; Rain

Last night rain-soaked graveyard looks deadly silent today:
A starved monkey peels banana seated on the tree branch.
A loaded truck crashed near the graveyard with horrific voice:
Rainfall begins to cover the terrible loss of silence it creates last night. 

Burflower blooming beside the street:
My sweaty woman hooked her pigtail hair
with rain-showered burflower.
Beauty begins my home.

Sweat drops have apparently vanished when burflowers blossomed: 
Rain-soaked flower vaporized sweat drops to my woman’s chin.
Comfort begins apparently.

Burflower-tree is evergreen but flower blossoms when
seasonal rain has risen with soft windy air from the seashore.
Beauty is temporal.

Only the geek knows cloggy hot days will back
just after the banishment of dried burflowers.
I hug my woman’s chin to remembering this.
Replacement of things is eternal.

Cloggy sweat will appear again in my woman’s thin chin:
The pigtailed burflower will dry by oozing its last raindrop.
Beauty is just for a funeral. 

… … …


Source:; Free Bird; Photographer: Masum 

Today’s morning appeared like as yesterday:
Unfortunate! Mr. X is not sure that he is the same
breakfast taker just like yesterday. 

Little naughty bird discharge shit as a gift during
its flying moment over the busy metropolis.
“What do you think about the purpose of life?”
My longtime friend asks me…; wipes bird’s shit
to his head. 

Beauty must die.
My old-time crony commented, 
plucking rosebuds from the flower tub.
Jasmine flowers were falling
in the outside garden due to the
intolerable windy rainfall of yesterday.  

Little lizard suddenly takes a leap from the rain gutter:
The bank manager sees this from his air-conditioned chamber, 
seated with a bunch of loan defaulters; smile pallid to think,
—if he could! 

What makes humans so memorable?
Masquerade. Grandpa answered,
seeing the spider web out from his window. 

Varicolored spider web trying to gulp the car; has
been abandoned beside the suburb road.
Naughty Magpie whispers “rest in peace”, be seated on the
nearly gulped car’s rooftop. 

Foggy fire now burning the tea garden:
Broiled lard is ready for the barbecue party.
The night is still young for nocturnal. 

… … …


Source: Google images; Burflowers (Kadamba)

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