Einstein’s chosen world among this unresolved universe ⇒ Kirno Sohochari

…Funny, but his dream of something constant may play an actor’s role that makes the universe stable and static in its fate didn’t work so far, and later it appeared to reverse. Cosmologists then use his cosmological constant assuming about the unknown source of energy that may play a hidden role for the anomalous expansion of the universe. They tagged Einstein’s biggest mistake to trace the source of unknowing Dark Energy, which they think is responsible for the current expansion rate of the universe…Einstein, this way against his wish has appeared the promoter of such a model that he was not prone to accept. His views about the universe-geometry motivate him to draw the simplest outline that could be fitted with his filed equation theory, to prove why God cannot play dice with the life of the universe. However, quantum mechanics and on the other hand Hubble’s assurance about expanding universe compelled him to withdraw his belief to the globe that he thinks is explainable by nature’s laws. It was the beginning moment of the standard model which at later praised to understand the fact that the universe is not empty at all… Continue reading Einstein’s chosen world among this unresolved universe ⇒ Kirno Sohochari

In remembrance – the critic of Digital Humans ⇒ Kirno Sohochari

… Hubert Dreyfus, until his death, was skeptical about the masked phrasing of future what Minsky and his companions tried to mean the only way that can break the chain of unexpected aging and death by taking a new conversion of human beings as digital humans. AI Futurists believe this metamorphosed being can handle all human-readable behaviors using its self-governed power of sensitivities. The future digital humans would neither be a human, nor it would be the replica of today’s human, it will appear as a completely different being, a fine-tuned combination of human and machine… The entire scenario appeared a disturbing humming to Dreyfus. For this reason, he didn’t suppress his discontent in an interview, where his tone was seeming cynical… Contrary, Marvin Minsky was optimistic in his arguments that developing such kind of machines will act as a lighthouse for the futurists to grasp all human behavior and situation analysis power in a digital machine. This machine will appear as a proto-transhuman machine and its gradual improvement will ensure the smooth confluence between biological humans and electrified transhuman to achieve the ultimate self-sufficing transhuman. Is it? Maybe we have nothing in hand except waiting for the upcoming days to draw the apparent ending of this hotpan controversial dispute… Continue reading In remembrance – the critic of Digital Humans ⇒ Kirno Sohochari

Is death optional? ⇒ Kirno Sohochari

… does extreme progress of civilization or development of knowledge which leads human civilization to Homocentric Paradigm, is bad? Does the increased capacity of diversifying life through knowledge, invention, and discovery is harmful? Answer in today’s context perhaps not easy when the third paradigm-shifting is knocking near…The rapid leap of modern technopace indicates human species have no alternative other than leaving their protein-based organic genes to gardening them electrified, so they can make a fair adaptation with the electrified strings. This adaptation will lead them to the sixth Kurzweil’s epoch where they could start a new life as a self-operated universal conscious being…Harari is not worried about what Kurzweil pumping often. Despite his denial of what Kurzweil pumping with striking lucidity for too many years, Harari unlikely sound similar when he ascribed his presumption on death and the next extinction of commons at the moment of his discussion with Daniel Kahneman… Continue reading Is death optional? ⇒ Kirno Sohochari