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… What is the meaning of all of this then? What of worth can we extract from these intimidating reflections? Are such questions even worth asking under the circumstances? Alas, the compulsion to ask seems irresistible, as such discomfort seems to sit like a formless spectre within the shadow of the human condition, ever advancing upon our heels as we navigate by the trembling candlelight of progress, mortal and ever-vulnerable to the whims of Nature. The anxiety we feel in these moments should however serve to be instructive, as they provide an empirical standard to measure the depths to which we often delve to support self-important, egocentric delusions of self that can cause more harm and alienation than the superficial comforts they provide. Embracing a standard of our collective position in the history of life and the universe may allow us a marker by which we can rectify the distortions and exaggerations that cause us suffering and misunderstanding in our personal lives… Read Cal Moore’s shared article in Today’s Shared Post Link of Bloger’s Diaspora… Continue reading Today’s Shared Post_Link…02 May 2017

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… Sometimes you just need to know your really closer to the size and significance of an ant than other parts of the universe. In relation to the sun, you and an ant have a closer size. If an ant is .1 inches tall (estimate; the ants keep moving) your average height is about 5,6 or 66 inches. You’re looking at 1 to 660 ratio. So in relation to us to a creature of that magnitude, we would be looking at a creature 43,560 inches tall (66 inches x 660) or 3,630 feet tall. Burj Khalifa built in 2010 was only 2,717 ft tall. Something of that size is just unfathomable. You’d be twice as tall as the Sears Tower (sorry Willis Tower) We can’t even create this size as humans… Read shanekluiter’s post in Today’s Shared Post Link section. Continue reading Today’s Shared Post_Link…26 April 2017

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… So what is entropy? Probably the most common answer you hear is that entropy is a kind of measure of disorder. This is misleading. Equating entropy with disorder creates unnecessary confusion in evaluating the entropy of different systems. Consider the following comparisons. Which has more entropy?… Read Steve Donaldson’s article in Today’s Shared Post of Blogger’s Diaspora Section… Continue reading Today’s Shared Post_Link…10 April 2017

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… You can choose what you believe, which loop you like best, which theme you will base it on, but you aren’t left without guides and all the answers are valid. So as it is possible to have beauty and narrative with spaces left open, why can’t we also have effective websites that allow us to be active and think about the code processing behind?… read Renee Carmichael’s thought provoking article in Today’s Shared Post Link in Bloggers Diaspora. Continue reading Today’s Shared Post_Link…04 April 2017

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… Even though Leviathan was written hundreds of years ago, Hobbes’ theories still apply to the modern world today when taken out of their original context and most likely will remain relevant for many years to come because although political ideas come and go, human nature has and will remain generally unchanged… Read Allie Freed’s post in Today’s’ Shared Post in Blogger Diaspora Section. Continue reading Today’s Shared Post_Link…02 April 2017

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That doesn’t mean we can’t agree about those issues on which we’re in agreement, or that we can’t go out for drinks after arguing passionately with each other in the context of a civil discussion. But these issues matter; they affect people’s lives, from women who are forced to wear head coverings to gay couples who can’t get married to people in Minnesota who can’t buy cars on Sundays. Religion can never be a purely personal matter; how you think about the fundamental nature of reality necessarily impacts how you behave, and those behaviors are going to affect other people. That’s why it’s important to get it right.”… Continue reading Today’s Shared Post_Link…20 March 2017

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The total amount of energy in all the particles and all the empty space in the Universe is somewhere around 10⁵⁴ kilograms, including dark matter and dark energy. But those numbers, while astronomical, are finite, and don’t give us any information about what happened in the Universe prior to the last tiny-fraction-of-a-second of inflation. We can do theoretical calculations to attempt to gain some insight, but they’re all model dependent. With the exception of a few specific models that would leave observable traces in our Universe (most don’t), we have no way of knowing how — or even if — the Universe got its start./ Read Ethan Siegel’s post on today’s shared post section of Blogger Diaspora… Continue reading Today’s Shared Post_Link…14 March 2017

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ut what is important is that race is a very salient social and historical concept, a social and historical idea… Racism rests in part on the idea that race is biology; it is based on biology. So, the biology becomes an excuse for social differences. The social differences become naturalized in biology. It’s not that our institutions cause differences in mortality; it’s that there really are biological differences between the races…/ Read Today’s Shared Post (with excerpt) in PBS… Continue reading Today’s Shared Post_Link…11 March 2017

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But those days are ending soon. When multiple nations can credibly claim the title of global hegemony, they will vie for the title until only one can lay claim to it, often violently.”…/ And, to compound the problem, we cannot pass the reigns of global supremacy off to another Western power, as Britain did with us in 1945. If America is to maintain its influence and place atop the hierarchy of civilizations, it will, sooner or later, have to fight for it.”… Read today’s shared article in Blogger’s Diaspora… Continue reading Today’s Shared Post_Link…25 Feb. 2017

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Human life is not hardware. Social and economic systems are not strings of code. To treat society in this way reflects an impoverished point of view, symptomatic of an alienated experience of the world. It diminishes human life. It may be where the money is, but it is no way to build a better world…/ If Heidegger is right, however, there is also a deep line of continuity that links them to the ‘old’ economy that they are trying to replace. Proponents of the hacker way claim that they are trying to make the world a better place. Yet, in seeking to hack the fabric of society, they contribute to the grey malaise that industrial capitalism forced on the world, treating human beings as things to be manipulated and exploited for profit. Continue reading Today’s Shared Post_Link…18 Feb. 2017

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