Thoughts on essential philosophy ⇒ Kirno Sohochari

… Philosophy is not science because it begins from where science has ended with its apparently proven condition. Alike philosophy has nothing to do with religion when it followed the same fashion and gripped conclusion. Philosophy is the utterance of disagreement; a penetration, that is, something has remained in the conclusion for further refutation… Philosophy is for chaos, not for the peaceful settlement of decided propositions. Those who are afraid of chaos they are the believer; who are fearless they might be the seeker of truth… Truth in religion means settlement. It means reverse in philosophy; and that is, —disagreement… Continue reading Thoughts on essential philosophy ⇒ Kirno Sohochari

When consciousness speaks ⇒ Kirno Sohochari

… Anyway, Indians are more specific in that context. They treat this position as awareness and separate it from consciousness. Consciousness is the experience of awareness-driven actions; a conscious act happened when creation generates the material world or its agents throughout the composition of awareness. That means consciousness is “created” but awareness possessed uncreated state… This material world is the game of inclusion and exclusion. Indivisible uncreated played a vital rule there to make the corporeal agents conscious, so humanlike agents can feel they are the phenomenon of uncreated. That’s why “divisible created” means inclusion and exclusion of indivisible awareness-driven elements. Awareness is such element what Tononi tried to mean in his theory by facing the abusive charges from his fellows… Continue reading When consciousness speaks ⇒ Kirno Sohochari

Let talk about Sophia ⇒ Kirno Sohochari

… Alas! The poor girl yet unable to understand the puzzle that apathy is the reverse face of empathy, and a human could never be a complete human until he faces the reverse. Technology always contained the dual face as well, since its inventor is dual by his long-lasting socio-biological evolution process. Imposed algorithms yet operated her, which is perhaps the beginning of a new interaction between AI based robot and human, but the impact of this interaction will depend on the ethos that how the creator has dealt with his creation at later. Do the human species exploit them just as machine-slave? Do they have operated themselves under the fabricated ethical dictum of human? Or else they will walk in Human’s Garden like as free entity? Who is autonomous to justify its place on this planet?… Continue reading Let talk about Sophia ⇒ Kirno Sohochari

The duality of what we are doing, L.M. Sacasas post on “The frailest thing” blog

One craze of digital guru’s I yet not understand, how the today’s collective plebeian partake the “error trial” process (to protect the fear of loss or extinction) when they bound to take everything manufactured by the modernistic “collective” (great hidden players), whom they treat their fate-maker? Nothing in today is plebeian’s hand (even their life-and-death indeed); the decider is here either lab-scientists, techno-gurus, or the ploy-makers politicians. They can elect their leader to guide them but if the leader truly guide them-or-not, is depends on hundreds complicated factors, where everything is uncertain… Continue reading The duality of what we are doing, L.M. Sacasas post on “The frailest thing” blog

Why are we here? ⇒ Identical twins Pierre and Paul’s post in “the landscape of reality” blog

The visible nature perhaps the first manuscript for human, from where the first curious quest begun, “Who I’m and why I be here?” Answer is yet multiplied and relative by the fact of reality. The existence of “everything” is real when anybody thinks it real, and on the opposite, yonder reality seems not real when anybody considers the rhythmic infusion of the “everything”… The answer (“Who I’m and why I be here?”), is greatly depended to the realization of this spellbound alteration, where the definition (of reality) is bound to rotate by the accord interlinked alteration. The identical twins tried to dig out the great question by following the most recent scientific progress on Anthropic Principle, which is now tried to explain the reason of existence. Continue reading Why are we here? ⇒ Identical twins Pierre and Paul’s post in “the landscape of reality” blog

Absolute Truth and the Truth Paradox (for the nonce a final part) ⇒ Bloggers on debate

The working-method of science is not relative to truthfulness. Confidence that “my theory is true” and the condition of the theory (as Hawking mentioned in his book) are quite different. Scientific philosophy is impersonal to the fact, and experimental to the reality. The pragmatism of scientific theory could never work in deductive way what philosophy (and theology also) can do in great extent./… We want to relate science (in extent of truth-paradox and true God) only for three reasons: i. to know something evidential facts of the material world and the body-biology, ii. to infer the evolution process on solid ground of natural selection and genetic evolution (includes the DNA sequencing), iii. to materialize the metaphysical ideas by including the de facto approval of -what reality has to be and what it is. Continue reading Absolute Truth and the Truth Paradox (for the nonce a final part) ⇒ Bloggers on debate