Why Fanaticism Is So Marketable And Damn Seductive ⇒ Robert Anton Wilson

Read the post of Robert Anton Wilson in his blog ButterFlyLanguage about the pretty interesting question, perhaps raised everybody’s mind after the election results. Alison dealt the question by his philosophical way. I find his article pretty interesting to deliberate a thoughtful debate with laughter and enjoyment.


In fact, the true enemy to the True Believer is not the Big Bad…it’s the Thinker.

Not only that…thinking is boring! It’s just not a good sell out on the open market of ideologies. It’s a marketing nightmare.

What’s “hot” is a complete pre-packaged Worldview that is always, infallibly, right (or, in the case of the Left, the “rightLeft”).

It’s what Robert Anton Wilson referred to as “Johnny One Note” types…people who believe they’ve found the answer to the universe…that One Note. They just want to play that one note.

I see this a lot. It’s a very seductive mindset to get into. It’s comforting. It’s comforting to believe that a very particular interpretation of God (complete with illustrated guidebook) is the “right” God; meaning, all others are wrong. And it’s strangely also very comforting to believe that there is absolutely no God, and that you are just a random accumulation of atoms that will simply “turn off” when you die; and that you know beyond a shadow-of-a-doubt that you have the answer.

But to tolerate ambiguity…to not know…

Well, as you can see: a marketing nightmare.

Many years ago, I was really sick & got into evangelical Christianity as a way to cope. It actually helped a lot. I had all the answers. I felt secure. I saw everything through that religion’s lens. I even used focused prayer to assist me in dealing with physical discomfort. Very effective.

So you see: a “Hot” worldview. Good marketing. I started reading up on some Scientology after that. That was good too. Years later, I got into the “Spiritual Abundance” movement, and read The Secret. That was good too.

It was good not to have the ambiguity. It was good to “know.” Others were still looking for their “place”…but I found it. Way after conservative Christianity, I became very interested in the issues and philosophy of the Left. That was good too. In every permutation…there was always the Certainty.


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