This site is dedicate to discover the meaning of our existential validity in this world. It is a platform of searching the meaning of our validate existence through creative debate and dialogue. The objective of the Author and Contributor here bit philosophical indeed.

Human existence and its interaction with the surface propagates curiosity and here we dedicate our ‘Self” to face it. Life is true event and it is not an absolute event too. We are living on a contradiction between the framing of real and transitory existence. We want to know the meaning of our ‘Being, Knowing and Acting’ in this mystic world and does want to participate the discussion about ‘Fate of Human Soul’.

Life is a journey to the ‘Defined and Undefined’ fate, it is traveling to the ‘Determinate and Indeterminate’ objectives and indeed it is an exodus and transformation from the existence. This site keeps an intention to verify and discuss the issues with great curiosities. Anybody could participate and contributing here. We are not behalf of any restrictions to the thoughts and languages. Nobody will muzzle you for your thought provoking intentions just the exception of any personal attack and abuse.

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